Directory of IT Security Managers in Energy/Oil/Electric Industry?
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Is there a directory or directories of C-Level contacts, e.g., the Director of IT, Director of Security or and other high level managers with security for major companies within Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Oil and Gas Refining, and Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration? Would prefer something free, but would be willing to consider proprietary sources.
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That sounds like the kind of thing which, if I were on it, I'd do everything I could to get myself removed from because it would only really be useful to salesmen who would want to pester me to buy something that I don't want.
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Response by poster: The directory in mind here is very useful for recruiting people.
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Sounds a bit like Jigsaw. Or LinkedIn, with less signal.

If you're willing to upgrade to the sources the pros use, you'll want places like Harris, InfoUSA, ZapData, Hoovers, and so on.
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Headhunters typically have this sort of information, and I believe there are actual books that are published yearly with this sort of info (I was at a Christmas Party at a consultancy that specialized in recruiting executive boards and saw bookcases and bookcases of this stuff - dating back a few year, mind you). So it does exist. Unfortunately, I'm not a headhunter, although I have created some pretty fantastic lists of people (CEOs, VPs, Directors, Ops managers, CTOs) of people in my community, so I know some of the issues involved.

You haven't made it clear *why* you want this info, but the only way you're going get this info is if a headhunter/recruitment company will point you in the right direction, and they probably won't, because they live and die by this form of social capital. But, then again, lists are outdated the minute they are published, so the list is not what provides you with a competitive advantage. It's the aggregate of personal knowledge, charisma, personal contacts and networking skill that makes the difference.

Hopefully someone will answer in this thread, because this is something *I'd* like to know. Maybe I'll ask a few contacts.

I should say that the C-level folks don't mind being included on a list. It's just a tool, and you never know who will come knocking on your door.
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ah, dhartung has got it.
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It's easy enough to get a database containing the names of the directors - that's public information.

I'm with Class Goat though; it's unlikely there are any telephone directories that would be any more effective than simply telephoning the company switchboard and asking to be put through. Senior managers have PAs/secretaries screen their mail, calls and e-mail precisely to avoid being bothered by salespeople, recruiters, etc.
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If they're retail or consumer facing companies, you could always go the route of sites like The Consumerist, which list those numbers for consumers to complain to. Of course, those numbers don't stay alive as long and you might get lumped in with the wrong crowd.
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Leadership Directories, Inc. Not free (@$190 minimum order) but accurate. Here's the page to get a drill-down list specific to your area of interest.
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Response by poster: KokuRyu, haven't made clear why I need this because the person who assigned this didn't say. I am guessing it's fro recruiting though.
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