How do I get my Samsung Juke phone to work with my computer?
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How do I get my Samsung Juke phone to work with my computer?

Two days ago, I bought a new phone, a Samsung u470 Juke. It has a 2GB mp3 player that I've been trying to get to work so I can put mp3s on it but I keep having this problem.

I installed the device drivers all right, but when I connect the phone via USB, I keep getting this message that the "MTP Device Failed" when Vista tries to install an MTP Device driver and when I look at the details, it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)."

I tried restarting, uninstalling then reinstalling the device drivers, uninstalling the MTP device driver, but I still have no luck. I've looked elsewhere online for a solution but it usually ends up with the person just returning their device to the store for a new one. I contacted Samsung but they just e-mailed me back "How do I add mp3s to my Samsung u470 Juke phone?" from their FAQ, which does not answer my question.

So, how can I fix this problem and start putting mp3s on my cell phone?
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I have a Juke (love it!) and a Mac. There is no official Mac support for it, but I am able to connect it and have it show up as a removable disk. I can then drag my mp3 files into the appropriate folder on the Juke.

I know this isn't the real solution; the Juke is supposed to work with Vista. But maybe if you can get it to recognize as a disk, it's a workaround until you can get it working properly.
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Since vista is like one of two supported operating systems for this phone, you might really just want to return it. (Assuming forum posters' problems were solved in this fashion)

I generally do not install any drivers for external storage devices, instead letting the OS install the drivers it thinks it needs when first plugging in. I have a lot of luck this way. Do not let vista "scan and repair" any disks. Try using another usb cable. If you're feeing really brave, just mount the disk manually and browse from there.
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