trouble synching sent mail on IMAP
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Trouble synching sent mail via IMAP over multiple devices (all of them set up with IMAP).

I have two macbooks, each running And I have an iPhone. All three are set up to work with my email account (which is through my job) via IMAP.

I have multiple folders and subfolders set up, and I frequently move items from the Inbox directly into a subfolder. This seems to be fine across the board: if I do it on one device, then that same email will be in that same subfolder on another device. Exactly as it should be with IMAP.

However, Sent mail is a whole different story. There is no telling whether an email I send at work will show up in my Sent folder at home. And what's more (and I have no idea if this is the same problem or not), I have multiple "Sent" folders, both at home and at work.

I don't remember creating multiple Sent folders. I don't know where these other Sent folders came from. Some are called "Sent" and some are called "Sent Messages." Some are at the same folder level as the Inbox, and some are at the level of sub-folders.

I suppose it's possible that the emails I send from work actually are showing up at home, but there are so many Sent folders that I have trouble finding it.

Also of interest: My iPhone actually has a different number of Sent folders (many more) than either of my setups (home and work.)

Another possibly relevant factoid: Even though both home and work are using on Leopard on Macbooks, the setup is not exactly the same. At home, the work account is one of two I'm using on other is the account from the last job I had. There's no more mail coming in there, but I want to keep the email, so I still have it. That makes the overall folder structure a little bit different.

Anyway...what am I doing wrong? How can I make it so that I only have one Sent mail folder for this IMAP account, and so that it's exactly the same across home, work, and phone?
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You need to reconfigure your various mail clients to all use the same sent folder. Usually there's a setting where you can choose where your sent mail goes, but who knows with them Apple products. ;)

I'd try to be more helpful, but I don't have an iPhone nor a Mac.
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