Do you know what poem this is called--I think--'Biography,' about a crowd watching a lynching?
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I'm trying to locate a poem called "Biography" (I think) by an author whose name I cannot remember. The poem was about a crowd of people standing around watching what I believe was a slave hanging. I want to use the poem for my lit class and I cannot find my copy anywhere, cannot remember the author's name and cannot locate it through google. In fact, I may not even have the title correct. help?
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"Strange Fruit" by Lewis Allen is a poem about a lynching. It might not be the one you're looking for, but it's similar and may give you something else to use for your lit class if you can't find the "Biography" one.
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Is it Langston Hughes? He has a lot of poems about lynching. "Lynching Song" and "Silhouette" are on this page.
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Claude McKay's The Lynching is rather well-known. Or perhaps you mean The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, a fictitious account which includes a lynching sequence, seen here with other literary references to lynching.
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thanks all for the help. It definitely wasn't Hughes. It was someone who I had never heard of before. Someday I will find this poem again. But the links you provided are interesting and I may be able to use some of this as well.
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