how do i sell my car registered in CT to an New York resident?
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Selling my car (registered in Connecticut) to a New York state resident, who is not a US citizen. please help me with my forms checklist!

I am selling my car that is registered in CT to a New York state resident who is not a US citizen. I am going with him to the DMV tomorrow to sort this all out. what else (if anything) do i need besides a

bill of sale
statement of transaction (sales tax form)

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list sounds good unless you can think of anything specific to CT or NY that you might need (emissions or safety test or something like that; if you don't have a current version of anything like this it may be the responsibility of the buyer to get them) otherwise it is pretty much the buyers responsibility to make sure that they have everything they need.
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... and you may want to give your insurance agent a ring to make sure you've completed the appropriate paperwork such that you no longer have liabilty - if that's the sort of thing you're worried about.
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It shouldn't matter at all that they are from New York and not a US Citizen. You don't have to do anything different than if you sold it to your neighbor.
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The buyer will need to get the insurance set up before registering the car, and bring the insurance ID card to the DMV. S/he could get the emissions inspection done before registering, but I believe you get a window of 7-14 (?) days after registering to complete this. As the seller, make sure you bring your own government-issued ID card as well.
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