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Hello all! I am looking for a particular kind of mask, and I am hoping you can help me find it.

I'm looking to get a couple of masks as seen in this Mates of State video:

I've never seen them for sale anywhere, and I'm not sure if they have a special name. I really like the squirrel and the owl, but really I am not picky. I live in Hamilton, so a real-life store in Toronto would be fine. Or somewhere online. Whatevs. Anyone seen these around and know where to get them? Thanks!
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Full head animal masks, I don't see a squirrel, but they have some neat ones.
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You might want to try some custom theater mask makers. The masks in the video are missing the lower part of the face which covers the mouth to allow the actor to speak like many theater masks, yet are made of fabric like many high end Halloween masks.

My guess is that they are custom made for the video shoot.
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Response by poster: cazoo,

that's what i was afraid of. thanks for the suggestions, anyway.
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