Zire Repair
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I'm in line to get a free Zire 71 - if I can fix it. Any suggestions where to start? [MI]

First problem (due to its nature, can't really get to the rest) is that it won't turn on, and I don't know/can't tell whether the batteries are fried or just dead. Also, it's missing the cradle and pretty much everything else that came in the box. Roommates have other Palm products - would any of their stuff be compatible?
Have -273C experience with PDAs. Help!
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It could be the screen, or the processor board, or both.
PDAparts has replacement screens for $40, yet Zire boards aren't in stock. You could always take the Zire and sell it "as is" on eBay; you'd likely make $10-30 out of the deal, depending on bidder frenzy, and use the cash as a PDA budget.
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