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Help me identify a peach! I work for an orchard. We planted what we were sold as doughnut peach trees but they're not bearing doughnut peaches; they're bearing mystery peaches.

My boss showed the peach to some local peach experts and was told they look like "Katarina" or "Catarina" peaches.

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo at the moment as I'm not at the orchard. (I can probably post a photo tomorrow). My boss describes them as freakishly yellow.

Google is turning up nothing on this. Has anyone heard anything about such a peach? Can anyone point me to something on the web? We can sell them tomorrow as "mystery peaches", no harm done. (People will probably actually enjoy the story.) But I'd like to find out something about them, if possible.
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So there's more variety in common fruits than most people realize. You're near Chicago? Maybe it's one of these ones?
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Response by poster: Should have said: The orchard is in Southwest Michigan.

I'm definitely up on a lot of offbeat/heirloom fruit varieties. And we grow some of the peaches on that list, but this isn't one of those.
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I just bought some "galaxy" peaches at the market the other day, they looked like the Saturn variety from GuyZero's link but YELLOW. Way yellow.
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Michigan Peach Guide. But you'll have to click through for the pictures. It's a slightly different list than the other one but still no Katarina-like name.
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There are a few sparse hits on Google for "Caterina" peaches.
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Oooh. That's an obvious alternate spelling I hadn't thought of. This paper mentions "Katerina" peach trees.
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Call the nursery that supplied them. They should know what other varieties they stocked at that time. Most nurseries insure that their plants are "true to name", so not only are they going to want to know that they brokered/grafted/labeled the wrong stock, there may be some compensation. At any rate, they should be able to figure out among the peaches they offered in whatever year, what yours might be.
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Best answer: BTW, the cultivar name is actually "Catherina". I'm not sure whether this is your peach or not, but Catherina is a yellow processing peach.
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Response by poster: Wow, oneirodynia. Thank you. I think you nailed it with the Catherina info. Hard to know without contacting the tree broker if that's the peach (we will get in touch with him later), but at least we know what the people were talking about when they pegged these as Catherinas.

Email me if you'd like some jam.
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