Batman & Neal Adams for Cheap?
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I am trying to find out if if DC comics is sooner than later (if ever) going to release the Batman and Detective comics runs from artist Neal Adams era in the 60s and 70s. I know they have released expensive colored hardbounds but I am hoping for some cheap thick black and white Showcase versions like they are doing for other titles...I know they do the worst titles first...but even Marvel is releasing their good stuff in the Essential series. Any news would be good. Thanks.
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If the Batman Chronicles series of trades (color reprints of every single Batman comic ever, in chronological order, at a relatively reasonable price point of $10 or so) keep going for long enough they'll get there eventually.
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The SHOWCASE paperback volumes have three BATMAN volumes, which I think are reprinting all of the stories from DETECTIVE COMICS. They will reach the Neal Adams stories pretty quickly if they continue.
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