What's your favorite bookstore in NYC?
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I have the week off and want to visit some great bookstores I haven't been to before. What are your favorites in Manhattan and why? Thanks.
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Um.. where have you been before?
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Obvious answer, but you've probably been there before:
The Strand
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Response by poster: Sorry, I don't mind going somewhere I've been. I'm more interested in your favorites.
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jonmc works at The Strand - so that's another reason to go there.

I like the St. Marks Bookshop on 31 3rd Ave
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Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books

Small store, carrying publisher's overstock, usually deeply discounted. I just got the entire run of Bone in a single "brick" edition that normally runs 40 dollars for about 15 bucks. You never know what you'll find there, but you can be sure it will be cheap.
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Check out Book Culture (formerly Labyrinth).
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Shakespeare & Co. is also a lovely bookstore, not far from Washington Square. I'm also fond of Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
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My area is children's books, and so I recommend:
Books of Wonder and
Bank Street Books
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If you like architecture: Urban Center Books
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Zakka USED to be in the soho/chinatown area but its since moved to Dumbo. Since its THE place to go for design books, i don't have a choice but to trek over there once in a while. Its a fantastic reference spot for designers and art directors and just plain fun for non professionals. Toys from Japan, T-Shirts and lots and lots of really great books.
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No one has mentioned Bluestockings yet...

It's feminist/radical, has a bunch of zines.

I like St. Mark's, too.
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i third st mark's bookstore, possibly the best curated bookstore in the city, and second zakka, which is amazing and well worth the trek, but very dangerous to the wallet.
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Seconding Strand, St. Marks, Bluestockings, and Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books.
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I like McNally Robinson
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The Strand Annex is closing (I'm shocked too), so everything there is supposed to be on huge sale through its last day, August 31.
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Spoonbills and Sugartown on Bedford has a great selection of art books and other fun eclectic stuff. As well as thirding The Strand, Book Culture, and St. Marks. Also, 12th Street Books for used and rare stuff, but I hear that it is moving to Brooklyn soon. Good luck!
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I find St. Marks is best for poetry, Shakespeare for midlist paperbacks, Strand for midlist hardbacks, Drama Bookstore for playscripts and screenplays. I used to go to Coliseum(RIP) for genre fiction and comic strip collections, but now I go to McNally Jackson (note name change).
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If you're at all interested in Japan, I suggest Kinokuniya near Bryant Park. Prices aren't cheap but there's a great selection of books related to Japan.

Also nthing Strand.
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