Thriller Centerfold Tiger
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I'm looking for the picture from the centerfold of the Thriller LP.

It's the one where MJ has a baby tiger on his leg, not the one where he's hugging the tiger. I'm amazed that I haven't been able to find this, especially since I recently easily found a picture of a skeleton holding a condom and a picture of Cookie Monster holding a gun, but I feel like I've tried every combination of michael jackson thriller tiger LP centerfold jacket sleeve fold cover and art. I found this on ebay, but while I don't need anything high-res, I'd like something better than that.
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Here you go

"thriller tiger" on Flickr
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Response by poster: Awesome. I didn't think of Flickr, even though I use it every day.
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For the record, I also thought of Flickr and found the same image. I took the additional step of putting the flickr URL into Tineye and the one I linked is the highest res image it could find.
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For the record. Hah.
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