NYC Vitra design shop, which sells plastic "algae" home decor/toy kits?
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NYCers: Do you know about this 'vitra' design shop? Specifically, about this algae decoration stuff? [blatant plea inside]

...If you think you might want to check it out or get some, could you maybe pick up a few packs for me? I'm on the wrong side of that whole "Manifest Destiny" thing. And I mean, interlocking algal mat decorations, what's not to like?
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29 9th Avenue... within walking distance for me, so I could probably hook you up, but I'm not fronting $200 on plastic algae. :) Email me if you really want to buy some.
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Cool stuff, but that's some seriously expensive plastic. I thought Lego was expensive.

To get enough pieces to really do a wall or even a doorway or screen would probably run into the kind of prices where you could either A) have a mold machined from your CAD file or hand made prototype AND have some stuff molded or B) make your own plaster/sand/metal mold and cast some stuff yourself, if so technically inclined.

But it'd be your own design.
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