Software patch that allows you to trick video card into thinking it's a higher end?
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I have and Nvidia GeForce2 MX/Mx 400 64Mb video card and work a lot in AutoCAD and 3DSMax 6 in 3d.
I understand there is a software patch that allows you to trick the card into thinking it's a higher end card (Optima, I believe) and taking advantage of the 3ds-specific drivers made by Nvidia, without cracking the case, soldering anything, etc.
Does anybody have any experience doing this kind of thing? I am using XP Pro, 0.5 Gb, 1.5 Ghz.
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I think you're looking for might want to look into RivaTuner, a utility for "tweaking" Nvidia display adapters; it seems to recognize and/or use the SoftQuadro patch.
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That's it, I think. Have you actually used it?
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No, I haven't, sorry. All I can suggest is the forums at the site. The mod seems pretty popular, as I've read a number of users refer to their "softquadro'd" card.
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