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Who are you going to call?
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My phone book was recently lost and I'm looking for numbers to populate my new one. I'm getting family and friends but now I'm looking for generally useful phone numbers. Think along the lines of your favorite carry-out place, a cab service, or any number you have that isn't connected to a person you personally know.
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posted by sergeant sandwich at 1:35 AM on July 14, 2008

Phoenix escort services
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Poison control
Suicide hotline
Police number that's not 911 (to your local precinct)
Citizen's hotline for news stations

Did you just want ideas, or the actual numbers?
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Emergency numbers, including Animal Control and Poison Hotline; Your doctors, and if you have a pet, your Vet, of course - but also alternative emergency numbers for those, if you can't get through; Pharmacy delivery service; Your neighbors and your neighborhood merchants; Parents of your kids' friends, if you have kids; Coworkers; Credit card companies; ISP; Your favorite book store; Library; Handyman (or Handyperson), if you're lucky enough to know of such a individual; Plumber; Electrician; Salon or Barber; Your school(s), church, gym, clubs you belong to; Favorite restaurants that require reservations; Post Office; Bank; Utility companies; Accountant; Mechanic; Road service; Insurance companies; AC/Heater repair person, and any other special service - like, do you order wood for a fireplace, or have someone to clean out your chimney or gutters?; Lawyer; Babysitters; Produce box people, if you get such a thing; Caterer; Favorite B&Bs or other holiday places you often visit; Travel Agenet; Airport; Public transit; Delivery services (like UPS or whatever); Computer repair person; Exterminator; Landscaper, or garden supply place, if you get things brought to you; Pool services?; House painters?; Special garbage pickup number; VOA or other charity pickup (for when you get rid of stuff like furniture or appliances); Special numbers for accessing cell phone info and services? (you would have those on the phone, but if you lose the phone, or it has to be reprogammed, they're handy); Moving service; Private Detective.

Okay, just kidding about that last one. Anyway, a lot of this stuff seems silly because you can look up an exterminator, for example, in the yellow pages - but when you use a service and you are satisfied with the speed, price, reliability, etc., you're going to want to use that same company again - and unless you've made a note of it, you could find yourself poring over the yellow pages listings going, "ummm, I think the name started with a "T"? and it seems like it had, um, two... or maybe three syllables....?"
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I dislike and distrust the whole idea of personal phone books, having lost too many of the damn things. These days, I generally rely on online directories (like
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The 800 number of every airline you might ever fly.
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Phoenix useful numbers
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Movie theater
Credit Card Companies
Similar to sergeant sandwich above, but I use GOOGLE (466456) for text info.
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AAA - if you are a member
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The pharmacy where you get you prescriptions refilled.
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sigh... your
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Chinese take-out place
Dry cleaners

taz's answer is so comprehensive, I can't come up with much else.
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1-800-DEAD-COW. They will remove your dead cow.
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Putting local animal control in my phone has been staggeringly useful. Now I have someone to call when I see a lost dog on the side of the road but can't, for whatever reason, stop myself.
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Alternate branch offices of your employer

Airport parking / shuttle pick-up

Bail Bondsman


Car Towing Service

Hair Salon / Barber


Voicemail access
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I have the number to my favorite (local, college) radio station, so I can make requests as well as call in when there's a contest or trivia question.
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The White House. it's fun to call them once in a while to bitch:

Phone Numbers

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
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One of your neighbors.

A neighbor or nearby friend of any close relatives who live far from you.

Direct dial number for emergencies where you live, to avoid calling 911 and getting transfered twice to different jurisdictions.
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I C E - "In case of emergency". There have been a few emails circulated saying to type this acronym into your phone, along with the number of the person you want called should you be in an accident / found somewhere. I don't know if it's true that emergency personnel will look for this specific entry on your phone, but what the hell, it can't hurt, right? I know I don't have my loved ones listed on my phone under "Husband" or "Next of kin".
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What I meant to say was ChaCha
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