Another delivery of love
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Looking for an outstanding, but deliverable, gift in Germantown, Tenn., area for new parents.

Mrs. Writer's cousin and his wife just had their first baby, and are due home next week. They've been through a lot lately, and we wanted to order and have something special delivered, other than the token flowers or plants or cookie bouquet, etc.

So, for you fine Germantown and Memphis folks, what is a nice gift to have delivered from a local store/company? I'd like to steer away from the usual "new baby" realm, if at all possible.
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A pork shoulder from Payne's. That way they don't have to cook for a while.

Call and order it (they need a day's notice or so) and then either ask if you can pay them to deliver it or get a local friend to deliver it. Make sure to get slaw, both mild and spicy sauce, buns and beans.
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