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Connecting game consoles to wireless network with WPA security?
December 13, 2007 8:49 AM   Subscribe

Help me get my wireless console gaming groove back on after a change from WEP to WPA security (and help me understand the difference between a wireless ethernet bridge and wireless access point).

My wireless router and cable modem are in the office. My Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2 are in the living room, connected to a video switch that also switches their ethernet connection to a Linksys WGA54G wireless ethernet bridge, which then connected wirelessly to the router.

(Note that the video/ethernet switch is literally a *switch*. When one device input is selected, only the ethernet for that device is connected to the wireless bridge).

Previously, my wireless router used 128 bit WEP for wireless security. I've had to change over to WPA for another wireless device on my network.

Unfortunately, the Linksys WGA54G bridge doesn't support WPA. There appears to be only *one* wireless bridge currently available that supports WPA, the Linksys WET54G. It retails around $90.

I've noticed that there are several wireless access point devices in that price range. Can I use an access point instead of a bridge to connect my game consoles to my router? What would I need to change with my setup? Any pros or cons to an access point instead of a bridge?
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You can typically do this with an alternative firmware for your access point. Pick up an access point that is compatible with DD-WRT and go from there.

(I use two Linksys WRT54Gs for this same purpose, getting wireless to my Xbox(es) and HTPC)
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I do what you mention: I have a PS2, a 360, and a PC all ethernetted to a regular old AP (the little silver WRT54GC), which in turn jumps to another AP in another room, closer to the router.

That access point, like any I've seen, lets you configure it via software (web interface) as either AP or bridge. All three boxes are online at the same time.
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Alternative firmware is not needed. The WRT54G(C) does this already.

But DD-WRT is nice. :)
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