What interesting detective stuff can my daughter read / watch ?
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My daughter (7 yo) craves detective stories. I'm looking for books, comics, movies recommendations to build a collection of material suitable for her age.
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If she likes video games (and you're okay with them) the "Phoenix Wright" series of games are phenomenal for this, I can't recommend them enough.
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Good old encyclopedia brown series.
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Nancy Drew? Not quite sure if totally age approriate for 7 yo.
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There have been some decent Nancy Drew series for younger kids published recently (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, I think is one). Encyclopedia Brown is decent. I'm a big fan of Cam Jansen books for this age; basically a girl EB but with a camera for eyes instead of an encyclopedic brain. Nate the Great books, maybe? Also out of print but readily available on Amazon (and beloved by 7 year old me), the Something Queer series by Elizabeth Levy.
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Wikipedia Brown
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My 7 year old daughter likes the Nancy Clancy chapter books. (Nancy Clancy is a continuation of the Fancy Nancy series, by the way.) I actually don't know if she solves a mystery in all of them, but she does in this one and this one for sure.
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I remember Murder, She Wrote being fairly gentle for a detective TV series if you can find old episodes on DVD/online/in syndication.
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Nancy Drew. The book series also has crossover novels with the Hardy Boys.
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Trixie Belden
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Other old-school ones that might work are Bobbsey Twins and Boxcar Children.
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I'll second Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Also check out the "Three Investigators" series by Robert Arthur - it's not so well known, but it's great and has a Homes-ian super logical teenage detective.
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The A To Z mystery series by Ron Roy is written for ages 6-9--it's all about a group of fictional kids solving mysteries. There are (naturally) 26 separate books plus some extra editions.
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The Short Con
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Bunnicula and its sequels are mysteries told from the point of view of the family dog who acts as the detective.

The Babysitters Club series which I and all of my friends consumed voraciously around age 8 has a mystery series but might be more interesting to her in a year or two.

I also second Bobbsey Twins and Boxcar Children.
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At that age, I loved the "Happy Hollisters" mysteries.
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Harriet the Spy and The Long Secret are brilliant mysteries. They have some outdated stuff about class and race but certainly no more than Nancy Drew.

At 7, she may or have made the jump from little chapter books like the A to Z mysteries (still more than good enough if she hasn't read them yet) to the middle grade. If still in the younger chapter books, Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger.

In the middle grade, Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer are really pretty good.
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nthing Boxcar Children, Cam Jansen, Encylopedia Brown etc.

She might enjoy Two Minute Mysteries. I think this is the one I read when I was younger but you can find more by Googling or searching Two Minute (Three, Five, etc) Mysteries. There's a variety out there, some more age appropriate than others.
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I was that kid who preferred animals to people, so I loved the Basil of Baker Street mouse detective books.
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Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware The Kitten Holy!

It's somewhere between detective girl scouts and adventure story. Perfect for the age.
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Enid Blyton's Famous Five aren't detective stories as such but there is a lot of detective-type things going on - generally some camping trip or other summer holiday trip turns into an adventure, often involving criminals and/or treasure - its a bit scooby doo (they even have a dog).
A follow on from that would be Secret Seven which is about a detective club, I think the kids are a little older than in famous five
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Goldie Vance
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Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game for when your daughter is a few years older or now if you read to her before bed.

E.L. Konigsburg's From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E.. Frankweiler

Bruce Coville's Nina Tanleven series
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Also, the Alvin Fernald series by Clifford B. Hicks. I loved them when I was a child.
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A series of unfortunate events?
Matilda or witches by Roald Dahl?
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All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicker. Not sure of her reading level.
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You might want to vet it to be certain (I don't have kids) but In Sight Junior is a new mystery podcast for all ages spun off from the excellent senior podcast of the same name. The adults supervising it have a load of kids between them and are very thoughtful on the main podcast, so I'd assume their judgement on age-appropriateness is good!
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The Milo and Jazz Mysteries by Lewis B. Montgomery (Mara Rockliff)

For something a little more advanced there's The Wells and Wong Mysteries by Robin Stevens

If she is a strong reader you could also try the Friday Barnes mysteries and the Mysterious Benedict Society (which I wouldn't categorize specifically as a mystery but it has a lot of mysterious clues and such).
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Nancy Drew also has some point and click detective adventure games for PC. They can be purchased on Steam or BigFish games as well. They're aimed at the pre-teen/teen market I think, so she might need help with some of the harder puzzles, but she might enjoy the storylines.
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If she's a strong reader, Margery Sharp's The Rescuers. Technically, adventure more than mystery, but I think the two categories overlap for many readers.
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Nthing Encyclopedia Brown. I read all of those I could get my hands on when I was seven. They're also short, so she can read a few and get instant gratification.
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The Vesper Holly series by Lloyd Alexander has a teen girl detective/adventurer protagonist, but is written for a 9-12 year old audience.
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Sherlock hound is a really lovely cartoon that's great for that age
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A lot of my favorites (Bunnicula, The Westing Game, Lumberjanes, etc.) have been mentioned here, but I particularly have to second the recommendation for the Phoenix Wright games. (As a bonus, being text-based visual novels they'll help strengthen reading skills as much as a book - they basically are books, just illustrated on a computer screen and with some visual puzzle-solving added.)
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Some of the volumes aren't easy to find anymore, but take a look at the Detective Conan manga (usually published as "Case Closed" in the English-speaking world). It's all about a boy detective and his friends solving crimes, plus for an early reader the graphic-novel form might be fun.
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The mysterious Benedict society is a good detective series for the younger crowd. It's got adventure, mystery, and also a fair bit of humor for that crowd.
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If you can get your hands on The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang, I would highly HIGHLY recommend it.
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A to Z mysteries are good, also Harriet the Spy (probably better for reading together at this point).
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I remembered another favorite!
Ghostwriter was an amazing PBS show from the early 90s that follows a group of kids who solve mysteries and also taught vocabulary, spelling, and prosocial values (in a seamless way). It looks like there are some episodes available on YouTube or maybe you can find DVDs at the library.
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Try the Guinea PIG, Pet Store Private Eye graphic novel series. They are funny and perfect for a seven-year-old.
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When You Reach Me and Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead
The Calder Series by Blue Balliett
Seconding All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicket
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Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh.
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Warning, Encyclopedia Brown has not aged well. Lots of casual racism.
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Thanks a lot !
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Lots of good recommendations above, I'll add one I didn't see: Lantern Sam and the Blue Streak Bandits.
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