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June 23

What Playstation games should I play?

I have a Playstation 1, 2, 3, and 4 and I am looking for games to play. I like third person action games. [more inside]
posted by jaybeans at 5:25 PM - 19 answers

June 21

How to fit three circles into a ball?

How do you cut notches into three discs and fit them together so they describe a sphere? Can they remain intact, or must one of them be cut in half? [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 7:29 PM - 14 answers

June 20

Want to watch not awful people livestream magic the gathering

I used to enjoy MTG but a combo of terrible players (here's to you guy who threw a deck at me while screaming racial epithets over and over!) and cost pushed me out of it, I'd enjoy watching people play but I'm not sure who's worth watching. Any suggestions of livestreams of people who both have charisma and aren't shitlords?
posted by Ferreous at 3:30 PM - 6 answers

Bird watching at Mount Ruapehu

I'll be spending a couple of days at the start of July at a lodge near Mount Ruapehu. I realise that winter is not particularly the best time of the year for bird watching, but even if I track down Keas only I'll be happy. I'll be staying at one of the lodges near the mountain (not entirely sure which one, as I'm tagging along with someone else) and was wondering if there are any areas in particular that will heighten my chances of doing some good bird-spotting.
posted by New England Cultist at 3:00 PM - 6 answers

Where should I stay on the East Coast in October?

I'd like to find a nice B&B or small hotel to stay for long weekend in early October, somewhere within a half day's drive from DC. I'm a little overwhelmed by the choices, so personal recommendations would be great. [more inside]
posted by backwards compatible at 10:07 AM - 16 answers

How to create an awesome treasure/puzzle hunt

It's my friend's birthday next month and I'd like to create a pirate-themed puzzle hunt for her and our friends to take place around the city we live in. However, I'm stuck on the logistics and the specifics of the puzzles themselves - help! [more inside]
posted by Elmtree at 9:40 AM - 3 answers

Need a VERY basic weightlifting app for the gym.

I use the weight machines at the gym and I'm tired of trying to remember what weights I do on each machine. It's hard to sort through the available apps, since the reviewers seem to focus on things I don't need, and they mostly seem to be more complicated than what I need. Preferences inside. [more inside]
posted by bluesky78987 at 7:54 AM - 11 answers

June 19

Board/card games for the color blind that are also kid friendly?

I enjoy playing board and card games with my 10 year old son but my color blindness often makes things challenging. Thankfully, son has not inherited my color blindness and often helps me when I play the wrong card by mistake. [more inside]
posted by Twicketface at 2:48 PM - 13 answers

Making 3D prints that don't look like shit?

I've had a 3D printer for a few months. The print quality has been massively variable, ranging from “hey, that looks pretty smooth” to hairy, warty misshapen lumps with huge voids and random Z-skips. I know not to expect injection moulded quality, but I'm not even getting consistency with the same gcode file and material. How did you get to consistent output? [more inside]
posted by scruss at 9:34 AM - 6 answers

Is this suitcase's separated but intact zipper salvageable?

I have a suitcase whose zippers are tearing away at the seams. While I have a lot of history with this suitcase, it does not have any sentimental value to me -- I just hate throwing things away as a matter of principle, and would rather fix than replace. Here are some pictures. [more inside]
posted by Borborygmus at 8:57 AM - 7 answers

What keyboard should I buy for my little kid?

At a friend’s house recently, my two-and-a-half-year-old had a lot of fun playing with an old electric keyboard: a Yamaha PSS-140. [more inside]
posted by thursdaystoo at 6:02 AM - 7 answers

June 18

Are there any competitive games played with string?

Do you know of any games where two or more people compete using some string and one of them emerges "the winner"? [more inside]
posted by coleboptera at 11:18 PM - 18 answers

What is ideal position for 2.1 computer speakers?

I'm 57 and my ears are still pretty good, and though tricks abound for someone whose music collection is so important, I'm often hearing too-shrill sounds from two consecutive systems. [more inside]
posted by noelpratt2nd at 8:45 PM - 21 answers

Weeknight meanderings in DC

I live in Washington DC, and I like taking long outdoor walks on summer evenings after work. This is especially fun with some kind of entertainment, like a museum/gallery, park, shopping options, or an outdoor concert/street festival. What's available Monday-Thursday between 5-10 PM? [more inside]
posted by capricorn at 9:54 AM - 7 answers

June 17

Can anyone read Japanese?

I found a mysterious video game cartridge with a handwritten Japanese label, and now I'm wondering what it says. [more inside]
posted by AAAA at 8:59 PM - 8 answers

June 16

Looking for an online store to buy bag notions

I'd like to make the Genoa Tote and I am looking for recommendations on where to buy the notions, including leather handles, a zipper, a key clip, and rivets. [more inside]
posted by john_snow at 7:53 AM - 5 answers

June 15

Is this soccer jersey worth any money?

I won this jersey at a festival about 8-10 years ago. After I won it, several people asked me if they could have it or buy it off me. It's been in my closet ever since. I don't want it anymore. Should I pawn it, sell on Ebay, donate it?
posted by allison00 at 7:43 PM - 8 answers

Tactics to help finding a campsite in the North Cascades

We're making last-minuteish plans to go car camping in or around North Cascades National Park next weekend (23rd - 25th). How to we find a site? [more inside]
posted by SirNovember at 4:14 PM - 4 answers

How best to see the Chicago Bulls in Action next season?

How hard is it to get a ticket at a few days to a couple of weeks notice? We'd be looking at late December 2017 until the end of January 2018 date range. [more inside]
posted by wwax at 6:12 AM - 3 answers

June 13

Is Yoshi a Koopa?

In the Mario games, I'm pretty sure that Yoshi is supposed to be a dinosaur but in Super Mario Run the yellow yoshi with a red saddle looks almost exactly like a red-shelled koopa with a rounded snout instead of a beak. Do yoshis and koopas belong to the same evolutionary branch? Does this mean that koopas are dinosaurs? Is Bowser a dinosaur?
posted by OverlappingElvis at 10:54 AM - 5 answers

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