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October 4

What are these Germans saying?

By no means do I need a word-for-word translation or anything, but what is generally going on in this video? That is, what is the gist of what the introducer is saying, and when Pit Hartling comes on stage, what is he explaining about the Rubik's Cube before he does the flourish at the end? What, indeed, is this event? Thanks for your help, German speakers!
posted by sappidus at 7:03 AM - 4 answers

October 3

Is WRU Gold supporter membership worth it?

Looking at joining Welsh Rugby Union club to benefit from ticketing pricesfor Six Nations next year. Anyone done this? [more inside]
posted by BAKERSFIELD! at 8:07 AM - 0 answers

Looking for a fun birthday experience with end product

Recently, a friend celebrated her birthday with a "learning to Batik" party. We all went to a Batik shop, created a design, Batik'd that design onto a product of our choosing, and then had lunch together. I really enjoyed that we got to learn something new to all of us, were all working on the same type of thing but out own separate versions, and there was an end product for each person. I'd like to something similar to celebrate my birthday and would love more Maker/geeky-esque ideas. Any suggestions for what the skill/end product could be? More specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by wiskunde at 7:32 AM - 15 answers

October 2

Make me a better camper by telling me your favorite backpacking hacks.

I'm looking to up my backpacking game. What tricks, strategies, and indispensable-but-overlooked items do you take with you into the backcountry? I'm looking for little things that cost little or nothing in terms of weight or money, but which make life easier in camp or on the trail. What are some of your most clever solutions? [more inside]
posted by Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The at 2:46 PM - 23 answers

New balls please!

What kind of ball would you reccomend as suitable for playing with in the office? [more inside]
posted by VoltairePerkins at 9:14 AM - 16 answers

How can we transport two bicycles on/in a rental car?

We are renting a vehicle (probably a standard SUV) for our vacation. We want to transport two bikes, as well as a large dog, and rather a lot of luggage but we are running into problems. [more inside]
posted by Secret Life of Gravy at 7:49 AM - 11 answers

Is there a narrow, all-leather, supportive, hiking/trail shoe?

I've got gobs of biomechanical issues and want to find a highly supportive, narrow trail shoe that could work as a daily brown leather shoe. (Scarpa used to make these, but globalization has "disney-fied" their products.) I'm hoping Euro-based friends here on MeFi might know of another brand (I've tried and rejected all the US options) that offers narrow sizing (or a "woman's" version that works for a guy) and has classic leather styling (i.e., something that looks cool but not flashy, so can wear with business casual attire). [more inside]
posted by Jon44 at 6:33 AM - 11 answers

September 30

Crane Climbing Deaths?

I've been watching more of the FAIL/WIN & People Are Awesome videos on YouTube than I should. Many of them contain (by now familiar to everyone) scenes of teenagers hanging one-handed off the top of a gargantuan crane. Are there known deaths from attempts to do that, or something similar? I googled, but couldn't find anything.
posted by OmieWise at 11:29 AM - 4 answers

September 29

Non-competitive archery games?

I'm looking for archery games for a group of girls with varying levels of experience with archery. [more inside]
posted by The corpse in the library at 2:16 PM - 3 answers

September 27

Can anyone identify a video game from the 90s I vaguely remember?

I believe it was for NES and came out before '97. In the long prologue, a female character ends up trapped on one side of a broken floor in a collapsing building. A male love interest remains with her instead of escaping with the group. Does anyone remember what this is? I've tried Google and it sounds like it might be in the Final Fantasy series, but I'm not at all certain.
posted by Tick Tock Tourmaline at 11:46 PM - 3 answers

Lino carving technique

I love block prints but my own efforts are pretty disappointing. Please give me advice on tools and technique! [more inside]
posted by carbide at 8:16 AM - 14 answers

September 26

how to shoot through a window

I am trying to photograph through a window to show the views outside. The problem for me is getting the correct exposure. [more inside]
posted by jtexman1 at 3:19 PM - 9 answers

Best & Most Fun Halloween (board?) Games for Non-Board-Gamey People

Trying to find a fun, and spooky, board game for several adults to play on Halloween. Not a Ouija board, please. [more inside]
posted by Miss T.Horn at 10:14 AM - 8 answers

September 24

How Do I Find My People (Who Buy Stuff)?

A spiritual follow-up to this question - I have a hobby that is producing stuff that people occasionally buy from my Etsy shop. After an initial flurry in the spring, sales have dried up over the summer. I feel like My People are out there - how do I find them without spending more time shilling than actually making stuff? [more inside]
posted by robocop is bleeding at 7:44 PM - 16 answers

Where can I find people to play Twilight Struggle with in SF?

Exactly as it says on the tin. Where do all the Twilight Struggle players congregate around here? [more inside]
posted by un petit cadeau at 3:56 PM - 7 answers

Phryne Fisher in an RPG? Or CYOA?

Where would you go for an interactive experience in the world of Phryne Fisher, or something like it? The only licensed Phryne Fisher game I know of is the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Cluedo variant, which I haven't sought out, as it's not what I'm thinking of (though I probably will play it one day). [more inside]
posted by cupcakeninja at 11:08 AM - 5 answers

September 23

Simple sewing patterns for costumes or bags, for boys?

My five-year-old son is interested in sewing (he's interesting in construction and design, in general). I am not much of a sewer, but I could probably cut out something from a simple pattern and stitch it by hand. (No machine). How can I indulge this with him, given that I have limited skills and he's five? [more inside]
posted by pipti at 6:33 PM - 23 answers

September 22

Keyboard Driven Games

Looking for computer games that are exclusively or primarily keyboard driven. Difficulty Level: Mac. Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
posted by firechicago at 7:55 PM - 17 answers

Roller Skating with the Least Chance of Death?

Hi! I've just spent way too much time (about 4 hours) online trying to learn which type of skating will hurt less. All information, including this thread, has only told me preferences regarding style and speed, not what will make me go boom less. I care not about speed, performance or dancing in them, only if they can get me to work (much downhill) without dying. [more inside]
posted by Arachnophile at 6:28 PM - 10 answers

How to negotiate cost of a gym membership?

There's a gym near my house that I fully intend to join, but the hard sell and the bullshit fees really just irritate me and make me feel like a sucker. Specifically, I am under the impression that these initiation fees are arbitrary and fake, and they don't really need them. How can I get out of it? More details below. [more inside]
posted by AppleTurnover at 4:41 PM - 13 answers

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