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August 27

Where to buy Bodyglide (or similar anti-chafing product) in Ljubljana?
Dober dan! Can you point me towards a store in Ljubljana that sells Bodyglide (or a similar anti-chafing product)? [more inside]
posted by lioness at 3:51 AM - 3 answers

August 26

Learning to throw pots in the digital age
I lucked into a professional level potter's wheel for a great price this past weekend. While pottery is something I've been interested doing in my whole life, I've never actually used a wheel before. There are plenty of beginner classes and workshops around... but there are also a lot of videos on YouTube. Any reason I shouldn't have a go at it myself and put money towards tools/supplies/a kiln instead of spending it on a class? [more inside]
posted by usonian at 3:51 PM - 15 answers

Best digital camera for my shakey mom?
My mother needs a new point and shoot digital camera. I need suggestions. Snowflakes inside... [more inside]
posted by Northbysomewhatcrazy at 2:41 PM - 4 answers

Help me get the most out of my U.S. Open tennis experience!
For the first time ever, I will be attending a pro tennis tournament... and it's the U.S. Open! I am very excited and eager to make the best of my experience. [more inside]
posted by cheapskatebay at 1:07 PM - 5 answers

novels of corrupt bishops and Popes, heretics, saint's bones, etc
I was really surprised by how much I liked the parts about Catholicism in the Mongoliad series. What other fiction is there involving the medieval Church's corruption, orders of knights (or monks or whatever) who are heretics or pagans who've drawn a thin veneer of Catholicism over themselves, gnosticism and mysticism, characters who may be god-touched, mad, or both and the people who have to keep them out of trouble? [more inside]
posted by NoraReed at 1:52 AM - 27 answers

August 25

Identify this episode!
Which episode of "The Hour of Slack" was this? [more inside]
posted by chainsofreedom at 5:38 PM - 3 answers

Games in which the player, at first, doesn't know how to play the game?
In some video games, the player's first task is to figure out what they should be doing. So the first part of the game is learning how to play the game. Are there any non-video, non-digital games like this? [more inside]
posted by Ollie at 7:24 AM - 20 answers

August 24

I know what I want, but not what I need
ElectronicsFilter: I would like to construct a box with 4 lights that work on a timer. I know lots about software, and little about hardware, please help steer me in the right direction. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion at 8:10 PM - 13 answers

Warhammer Novels - for a ten year old
My kid is a huge Warhammer enthusiast. He also loves to read. Am I going to be able to combine both. [more inside]
posted by Megami at 1:49 PM - 5 answers

Things to do within an hour of Pine Grove when camping with a 7-year-old
Outdoorsy things to do within an hour or so of Pine Grove, Calif. when camping with a 7-year-old? [more inside]
posted by DakotaPaul at 12:58 PM - 1 answers

August 23

Adjusting the trigger pull on Shimano STX shifters?
I just put some new ergonomic grips on my mountain bike, and they're slightly thicker rubber than the older ones. The tiny bit of extra circumference now obstructs the pull of my trigger shifter. When I try to go into a higher gear there's not enough clearance for the trigger to engage the ratchet in the shifter and move the dérailleur. I can force it if I squeeze hard enough and push the lever back out, and the bike shifts gears fine, so the issue is not cable tension. My question: Is there a way to adjust the trigger pull to be slightly further away from the handlebars? [more inside]
posted by carsonb at 1:00 AM - 6 answers

August 22

Foliage Vacation Ideas in the Northeast During Mid-Late October
For my friend’s 40th she’s mentioned that she would like to celebrate by renting a house for an extended, 4-day weekend (between this October 18th and 25th) in a place that hits the following touch points: [more inside]
posted by Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific at 12:30 PM - 1 answers

Need a little ham radio callbook help
Fellow hams, do any of you have an '86 or '87 callbook? I'm trying to figure out when I got my technician-class license with an eye toward the upgrade to general class. I was licensed under the old rules, complete with credit for my novice-class code speed. But I don't remember when that happened. The call is KAØIIU. Appreciate it!
posted by bryon at 3:25 AM - 2 answers

August 20

Clothes for jungle hiking for a plus-size woman?
I'm headed to Malaysia in September and plan to do some hiking around the jungle there. Because of the mosquitos, leeches and other critters, I'll need to cover up even if it is very hot and humid out. Does anyone have any recommendations for lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants for a size ~18 woman?
posted by kms at 11:31 PM - 11 answers

blister! and running a race on Saturday!
I am running a 5k on Saturday, and have really been loving running five days a week for the last couple of months. This morning I forgot to wear socks while walking 2 miles to work (didn't have coffee before leaving the house) and now I have a blister on my left foot. How do I quickly fix this? I am really hoping to run tonight and have made plans to run with friends tomorrow! Help!
posted by redwaterman at 1:29 PM - 12 answers

Gifts for the modern Canadian luthier
What to give a woodworker, when you know nothing about guitars? [more inside]
posted by monkeymonkey at 11:02 AM - 14 answers

I'd like to find a small cabin rental in Northern California that is, ideally, somewhat isolated, affordable, and has electricity. Bonus points for near Oakland or Monterey. Any suggestions? [more inside]
posted by latkes at 10:58 AM - 4 answers

Places to hang out in New York?
Hey Internet. I'm lonely and bored. I graduated from college in May and haven't had any luck finding paid work or even volunteer work so far. Can you recommend some free/cheap places I can hang out in NYC with my laptop? Or free events/activities during the day? If there's any place that will let me walk in and volunteer, that would be great, too. [more inside]
posted by topoisomerase at 10:32 AM - 12 answers

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Alternatives?
I've fallen in love with a friend's OP-1. It's limited enough not to feel overwhelming, but versatile enough that it feels possible to create quality work; doing a little bit of everything synth/sequence/sample/drum machine/recorder. It feels like it hits just the right sweet spot between tool and toy. Unfortunately at $850 it's a purchase that I really can't justify. Is there a software (osx or ipad) or hardware solution that offers a similar all in one, versatile, fun to use electronic music production environment?
posted by I Foody at 8:48 AM - 3 answers

August 19

Oh, what fun we had!
Looking for games and activities for a weekend away at a country house. [more inside]
posted by greytape at 9:15 AM - 21 answers

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