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December 10

Any RC enthusiasts out there?

Looking for a high quality RC 4x4 truck under $200 for my 9 year old son. I know nothing about these things!
posted by jeffmac at 7:11 PM - 0 answers

To the Cross Stitch-ery!

I would like to learn how to cross stitch; I have never had any hobbies that involved cross stitch type skills (never tried knitting, sewing, crocheting, et cet.) but it looks awesome! How do I get started? [more inside]
posted by forkisbetter at 9:50 AM - 9 answers

December 9

What's she gonna do on the bench, I mean...

Craigslist has been (too) good to me, and I find myself in need of some kind of workbench to hold various tools. Please help me think about my construction requirements. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion at 2:59 PM - 3 answers

Your favorite project-based subscription boxes

I'd like to ask for a few months of a project-based subscription box as a Christmas present and am looking for recommendations! [more inside]
posted by telepanda at 12:38 PM - 1 answers

Knittingfilter: Is This Twisted Hat Salvageable?

I was careful not to twist my stitches while casting on, nor in the first few rows, and I've really enjoyed the beginnings of this piece. Until I realized: the twisting just keeps twisting. [more inside]
posted by witchen at 11:45 AM - 14 answers

Bike wheel lights for a wheelchair?

I'd like to get my wife a set of wheel lights for her manual wheelchair. The requirements being a bit different from typical bicycle applications, I seek insight and suggestions. [more inside]
posted by jon1270 at 6:45 AM - 9 answers

Interesting games for two

I want to gift my husband with a game (board, online, whatever) that we can play together an hour or so after work each weekday. Recommendations? [more inside]
posted by inevitability at 5:53 AM - 31 answers

December 7

Things to "collect" in a neighbourhood or place? Non-internet edition.

Aimless wandering is one of my preferred pastimes, and finding things locally blends well with this; I have a strong collecting impulse and it's a good way to know an area. But many recreational spins on this - geocaching, Ingress - are too internet-based for my tastes lately, and feel somewhat artificial. So what other things do you find it interesting/useful to go hunting for? All I can think of offhand is edible weeds/plant stands.
posted by solarion at 4:30 PM - 34 answers

Baby knitting ideas for soft, but crazy hot synthetic yarn

I live in a hot, humid climate. I have bought a 60% acrylic, 40% nylon yarn to make baby presents for friends. It's not the best choice for this climate. What can I make with it? [more inside]
posted by satoshi at 7:37 AM - 13 answers

December 6

Soccer in the snow belt

Anyone know of a place in the Brattleboro/Putney VT area where I could watch the MLS final on Saturday?
posted by transient at 2:25 PM - 1 answers

Christmas present for a photographer

OH is a keen amateur photographer, but the camera is very bulky (Nikon D3200). I just read about pancake lenses. [more inside]
posted by superfish at 12:05 AM - 8 answers

December 5

books that are entirely unsuited to e-readers?

I've switched to an e-reader for most of my reading material, but I still love physical books and I enjoy getting new ones that I can somehow justify as unsuited to the screen. What are some books that really CANNOT be experienced properly in electronic format? [more inside]
posted by The Elusive Architeuthis at 4:12 PM - 41 answers

December 4

Identify My Mystery Object, Fiber Arts Edition

I bought this piece (and a side view) today, but all the sellers knew about it was that it had been donated by a weaver. What bit of kit did I luck into? [more inside]
posted by MonkeyToes at 3:37 PM - 5 answers

December 2

Contraption & trap supplies for kids

My five-year-old nephew likes building traps and contraptions. I know he uses tape and bungee cords, and presumably stuff from around the house. What could I give him for Christmas that would help support this hobby? Do you have kids that like to build? What're their favorite scraps and fancy things to create with? [more inside]
posted by Margalo Epps at 8:33 PM - 15 answers

Escapism for a social justice multiclasser.

Please recommend well-written cozy mysteries that won't make me angry. [more inside]
posted by joyceanmachine at 1:16 PM - 20 answers

December 1

Little drummer boy

I want to buy my partner a beginner's electronic drum kit. I know nothing. Please help. [more inside]
posted by FirstMateKate at 7:35 AM - 6 answers

November 30

Is there a "Couch to 5k" for creativity?

I'm in my early thirties and I don't think I've ever been creative. I just don't think I have much imagination for those kinds of things. But it's something I think I'd like in my life, and I'm a little bewildered where to start. Is creativity or imagination something I can learn (or be taught), or is it more innate?
posted by A Robot Ninja at 7:50 AM - 15 answers

November 29

Sports vs. My Body - Cost Benefit Analysis

Recently took up a sport, which I LOVE, but which my body doesn't seem well suited for. It has been suggested to me to seek orthopedic treatment, but I think it's an anatomical problem. What should I do? [more inside]
posted by raspberrE at 9:10 PM - 16 answers

Going into Wed.'s tiebreak, how can I best enjoy the world chess match?

The World Chess Championship is tied after 12 games, and goes to tiebreakers on Wednesday. I haven't played chess in years, but do understand the rules and can anticipate and avoid fool's mate. How can I get up to speed to best appreciate Wednesday's tiebreaker? [more inside]
posted by cyclicker at 11:39 AM - 5 answers

November 27

Give me your favorite non-kitschy jigsaw puzzles.

Looking for cool jigsaw puzzles, preferably 1000-2000 pieces and under $25. Trying to avoid Kinkadian landscapes and anything overly busy. [more inside]
posted by frizzle at 9:57 PM - 8 answers

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