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March 29

Learning tai chi online or through an app?

I'm enrolled in a weekly beginner's Tai Chi class and I am honestly truly terrible because I have co-ordination and balance issues. The class is mixed ability and quite large and I want to be able to practice on my own at home. There are tons of videos on youtube and websites but I can't tell which of them are yay! and which suck. I just want something for the first 10-15 movements so I know when to turn my wrists and when to drop the invisible ball!
posted by dorothyisunderwood at 3:38 AM - 9 answers

March 28

U2 at Soldier Field...which seats are better?

I got seats to the upcoming U2 show at Soldier field. But I ended up with 4 tix, 2 seated, 2 GA. But GA has a weird code I can't figure out (*GAFL21*). Can you help me figure out which tickets to keep? [more inside]
posted by arniec at 1:20 PM - 2 answers

March 27

15% gratuity on a raft trip fee

I've signed up for a raft trip through a beautiful,wild canyon, paid my deposit and about to pay the final balance. Reading the trip prep information it says I should be prepared to pay a 'customary' fee of 15%-20% of the trip fee to the guide. I've never encountered this before from an outfitter or business and wondering how to proceed. [more inside]
posted by diode at 3:32 PM - 26 answers

Easter postcard ideas

I want to send Easter postcards to my 4-yo and 2-yo nieces. Any ideas of fun stuff that I can send them? Light DIY is fine (this is a shop that I can easily access).
posted by Foci for Analysis at 12:38 PM - 2 answers

Strong non-toxic jewelry glue that doesn't emit harmful fumes?

I am looking for a durable non-toxic jewelry glue that glues metal to metal with a flexible bond and dries clear without emitting harmful fumes. [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 5:42 AM - 5 answers

March 25

Craftfilter: resources for beautiful cross-stitch designs?

I recently got (back) into cross-stitch and made a small sampler in a single color. It looks great and I want to keep going! Can anyone recommend books, websites, blogs, designers, etc that I can browse to find cool patterns? [more inside]
posted by cpatterson at 7:55 AM - 16 answers

Help me replace my wife's stuffed bear toy!

So my wife has had a toy since she was very young. As you can see, it's almost dead (my finger is included for proportions). I don't think I can find where it was made to get a replacement (see thread here), but does anyone know how I would go about getting someone to make a replica of it (there's admittedly not much left to go on, of course!)? Cheaper is better, and I'm UK based. I've looked on etsy but can't seem to find someone who will do it. Any help appreciated.
posted by NathanAlder at 2:18 AM - 11 answers

March 24

Reading about Personal Sovereignty

Looking for book recs (preferably fiction) that are along the lines of 1984, but with a few caveats. Looking for specific plot lines or scenes involving forced medical procedures. [more inside]
posted by vignettist at 9:41 AM - 18 answers

Are there any big sewing conventions in the east?

My favorite sewing expo is no longer coming to Worcester, MA, BOO!! Are there any other big sewing conventions that come to a ~500 mile radius of Boston? [more inside]
posted by Melismata at 9:35 AM - 1 answers

March 23

Hex Map Math

I'm totally blind, and interested in a number of tabletop games which use hexes to regulate movement. I don't have an actual tactile map at this point, but have a giant Excel spreadsheet which is a somewhat cumbersome equivalent. I'm wondering about mathematical ways to tell the distance between two hexes, given (X, Y) coordinates, and determine what hexes are in, say, a 60-degree arc from a sepcific hex? [more inside]
posted by Alensin at 3:16 PM - 12 answers

Source for green Connemara marble beads?

I want some green Connemara marble beads. (8mm, round, nice green color...) Can anyone suggest a reputable source that's not too expensive? Time isn't a factor: I can wait. [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 12:36 PM - 6 answers

Night Photography in Tampa Bay

Having bought a new DSLR camera I am trying new picture taking challenges. I'll be in St. Pete, Largo, Clearwater area for a month and would like ideas or tips for early morning night shots. No Tampa area please since I don't want to wrestle with that traffic. I have a tripod so walking is fine. Thanks.
posted by Mickelstiff at 6:11 AM - 5 answers

Fidgety people: what do you do while you watch TV?

I like to knit, but currently have a wrist injury which means I have to abstain for a while. Looking for other things to keep my hands and brain occupied while consuming various media. [more inside]
posted by une_heure_pleine at 4:16 AM - 31 answers

March 22

Best Floppy Heel Trail Running Shoe?

I normally shop bargain bins and veer towards minimalist shoes for road running because whenever a shoe has a rigid heel counter, I tend to wear holes in the lining within a month. I'd like to find trail worthy shoes that fit my clown feet and have that same lack of hard plastic that wraps up behind my heel. [more inside]
posted by mattamatic at 1:34 PM - 4 answers

Accessible tourism in Utah

How do I make the most of my time in Utah? Difficulty: heat, children, wheelchair. [more inside]
posted by firstdrop at 10:59 AM - 6 answers

March 21

Diverse, casualish board gaming in Austin or New York

I'm a college student, woman, and ethnic minority who would love to get into playing board games. I tried my university's tabletop group, but felt sort of out of place as the only newbie (as far as I could tell) and only woman. Are there any meet ups in Austin (where I am currently) or New York (where I'll be in the summer) that are diverse/inclusive and welcoming to people new to the hobby? Some more specifics inside. [more inside]
posted by perplexion at 11:16 AM - 7 answers

Looking for a store in Philadelphia that sells fidget spinners.

My son turns 15 today. Last night he said he wanted a fidget spinner. It seems that they are best bought on-line, but I'm really hoping I can bring one home tonight. I'm at 21st and Arch, so Center City or University City locations are most accessible. Could also hit somewhere in Lower Bucks when I get off the train. TIA
posted by qldaddy at 6:18 AM - 6 answers

March 19

Can you recommend games for my three kids?

I'm looking for game recommendations for my three kids, aged 8, 6, and 3. I have some very specific parameters... [more inside]
posted by christinetheslp at 7:28 AM - 15 answers

March 17

Learning to Surf in Mexico

Has anyone had a great experience learning to surf in Mexico? Please tell me where you went! [more inside]
posted by KMoney at 8:32 AM - 4 answers

March 15

Where is this chess set from?

I ran across this chess set recently and would really like to track down where it's from. There were no other identifying marks or labels that I could see.
posted by Celsius1414 at 9:15 PM - 6 answers

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