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November 26

Board games for boring old people

I want to buy some board games for my parents to keep at their house, to play by themselves or with their adult kids or young grandkids, but I don't know anything about new games that might be out, and would love some recommendations. Specifics within. [more inside]
posted by Safiya at 12:44 PM - 31 answers

November 25

Knitting 101

Do you knit? Did you have absolutely no experience with knitting before you started? Do you remember how you learned? Knitters of MeFi, please share your wisdom! [more inside]
posted by bookmammal at 6:42 PM - 30 answers

A game about therapy for stuffed animals?

I remember a few years back playing a game about trying to cure stuffed animals with emotional problems. It was really sweet and delightful. I remember there being a hippo pencil case and a stuffed snake. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
posted by Laura_J at 12:25 PM - 2 answers

What camera do I want, 2015 edition

Time for me to upgrade from the combination of a Canon point-and-shoot, and the camera on my phone. What camera is a good next step for an aspiring photographer? [more inside]
posted by vignettist at 9:46 AM - 20 answers

November 24

Best similar boardgame to Betrayal at House on the Hill for two people?

Recently at a friend's house we played Betrayal at House on the Hill and my husband really liked it a lot. He enjoyed the cooperative element, the suspense about what the Haunt would be and who would be the traitor, and the flip from one style of gameplay to another halfway through. He especially liked the procedural storytelling aspect, as he is a big RPG fan. I am thinking of giving him this game for Christmas, but I'd rather find something similar that works better with two players. [more inside]
posted by lollusc at 5:50 PM - 14 answers

Final Score: 71-9. In a Youth Basketball game? Really?

I attended a nephew's basketball game at the end of last season. It was an age 10-12 league. My nephew's team was the losing one. I was upset by the final score and the tactics the opposing team used. I am hoping mefites more knowledgeable about Basketball can weigh in and tell me whether this was as outrageous as I feel it was or explain whether I am missing some part of Basketball. [more inside]
posted by You Get A Favorite For Being A Snowflake at 2:50 PM - 34 answers

Recommend a decent hard shell cello case within our budget?

Need to get a full size hard shell cello case for a nice cello without busting our $300-to-$500 budget, and could use some recommendations. [more inside]
posted by mosk at 11:11 AM - 6 answers

November 23

Best Xbox games for these two awesome kids

I’m looking for your bestest, funnest Xbox 360 game recommendations for a nearly-11-year-old girl and a nearly-7-year-old boy. [more inside]
posted by FavourableChicken at 10:25 AM - 11 answers

November 22

Toys for a kid who loves to build things from diagrams?

I'm looking for a gift for a 5YO who loves building things from diagrams. Snap Circuits were a huge hit. The obvious answer is LEGO, but 1) which LEGO set? and 2) what other building-from-instructions toys are out there? [more inside]
posted by pipti at 4:28 PM - 11 answers

November 21

help me make a game!

creative minds: assemble! i want to make a game for my very good friend who is waaaaay into board games and card-based games. but i need help. [more inside]
posted by megan_magnolia at 10:56 PM - 9 answers

Knitting and yarn-making: post-apocalyptic survival skills.

Looking for resources on the the finer technical aspects of working with natural wools and yarns. [more inside]
posted by lizbunny at 1:25 PM - 5 answers

November 20

iphone apps for running; out of town edition

I am looking for an iPhone app that will take me on a nice run in a town I am unfamiliar with. [more inside]
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 9:16 PM - 3 answers

November 18

Running jacket

I need a running jacket for a 38 degree weather with rain and wind (and in the dark sometimes) [more inside]
posted by stepup at 2:02 PM - 4 answers

Best online photo printing options in Canada?

Question for my fellow Canuck photographers - do you have a preferred option for online photo printing and delivery? [more inside]
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 7:38 AM - 3 answers

Is the Saxophone a good instrument for developing good breath control?

I don't have asthma, but I do have problems with shallow breathing and poor support. The doctor said there was no medical reason for it, but rather poor habits that I developed in childhood. [more inside]
posted by manderin at 12:40 AM - 14 answers

November 15

Best age to take kids to Disneyland?

We're considering taking out two girls to Disneyland next spring, when they'll be 7 and 3 1/2. Is this too young? [more inside]
posted by gottabefunky at 11:42 PM - 27 answers

Where are your favorite quilting blogs?

I have been getting into quilting lately, and I love looking at pictures of beautiful quilts out there that other people have made. Do you have any quilt blogs that you follow and love? [more inside]
posted by that girl at 10:10 AM - 7 answers

Help me choose a new steam iron

I sew and do a lot of fabric crafting. I've had cheap plastic irons (that broke) and I've been using a 60's vintage heavy-weight metal Sunbeam from the thrift store, but after my last round of all day sewing and ironing, it seems that I have worn the sole plate down to whatever the base metal is and it's leaving marks on my fabric. Yes, I will try cleaning the sole plate, but perhaps it's time for an upgrade. Do you sew a lot and have a heavy-weight iron you can recommend?
posted by sarajane at 8:51 AM - 8 answers

November 14

Recommendation for women's reflective running jacket

I'm trying to find a reflective women's running jacket-- not the kind with tiny little reflective strips at the zipper and seams, but the full-on blazing reflective jacket that lights up your entire torso when light hits you. It's getting dark early now and I don't like running at night/early morning with my current puny reflective-seam jacket. It's also very rainy (Pacific Northwest) so I'd like to avoid the boxy reflective-strip vests in favor of a jacket. [more inside]
posted by lockstitch at 4:53 PM - 10 answers

Can any crafters help me with my felt beasties?

I was wondering if any Metafilter crafters could help my wife out with a sewing problem she's having? Here's her question: "I make felt animals, usually of the jointed variety. I draw my own patterns and sew by hand, and it's been going fine up till now, but the last two creatures I made have both had a weird bunching at the neck. I've tried altering the width of the necks, the gussets, basting in advance, what-all, but I can't figure out what the problem is... [more inside]
posted by lucien_reeve at 2:22 AM - 20 answers

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