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October 3

What are your favourite dance videos to watch?

I love watching dance videos on youtube. Please recommend your favourites to me! [more inside]
posted by just_ducky at 1:12 PM - 76 answers

Halloween Games for Elementary School Event

Obviously Pinterest is full of Halloween games for kids, but I'm interested in ideas that you have personally witnessed as successful and fun. My kid's elementary school (grades 1-5, ages 6-11) is having a Halloween night and I'm in charge of games in the gym. [more inside]
posted by LKWorking at 7:48 AM - 16 answers

October 1

1993 KC Royals autograph?

A friend rescued a box of childhood memorabilia from a his parents' house, including this signed stub from the June 8, 1993 Kansas City Royals game. The autograph is illegible, and we'd love to figure out who signed it. It looks like they lost to the Yankees that night, 4-9. The '93 roster was pretty easy to find, but there's no obvious match (unless I'm reading the first letters wrong). Jeff Granger? John Habayan? Thanks, AskMeFi!
posted by brozek at 8:16 PM - 8 answers

Theremins optional, but preferred

I'm looking for Halloween-themed video games. Not just horror games, mind you – but Halloween games, which either specifically involve the holiday, or simply make heavy use of classic Halloween tropes. Hope me? [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet at 8:01 AM - 10 answers

Small, lightweight pack for walks/hiking needed.

I want a lightweight, unobtrusive, comfortable fannypack or other type of carrier that I can use as I take walks through my local forest preserves. Doesn't have to be large--all I need to pack are my ID, phone, keys, and a paperback. Pockets work, except for the book part. Suggestions/links, please!
posted by bookmammal at 6:57 AM - 9 answers

Camping in eastern Ontario after Thanksgiving

I want to go camping in eastern Ontario after thanksgiving. All the Provincial Parks are officially closed. 20 years ago I used to camp at that time of year all the time as parks ran on the honour system with a box to put money in. Is this still an option? [more inside]
posted by fimbulvetr at 5:45 AM - 6 answers

Wanted: tiny camera for great baby photos

Our baby is 4 months old and as she is slowly getting more mobile, I’m in the market for a new, pocketable camera. [more inside]
posted by Skybly at 2:43 AM - 7 answers

September 27

Durable activity trackers for klutzes

I've had Fitbits for a few years and I like them but they have a tendency to get physically destroyed by ordinary wear and tear. Fitbit's warranty service is good but lasts only a year. What is a good fitness tracker that will survive (say) 3 years of 24-hour wear by an active and somewhat clumsy person? [more inside]
posted by grobstein at 10:30 AM - 7 answers

Distract me from my dripping sweat.

I'm looking for video series to watch for times that I'm at the gym (elliptical or rower). Something bright, mostly episodic, and will not make me feel uncomfortable if someone else sees what I'm watching. Absolutely no laugh tracks. Something I haven't seen already. [more inside]
posted by nobeagle at 8:24 AM - 36 answers

September 26

Gaming, Party of Four

What's a good console (and games) for family gaming? [more inside]
posted by zinon at 5:29 AM - 11 answers

September 23

Where's Barb??

Help me craft the best Barb costume ever. Glasses, blouse with ruffles/tie at the neck, red hair and freckles, sure. But what are the extras that will really sell it?
posted by I_Love_Bananas at 5:54 AM - 7 answers

September 22

3D Printing a Spare Bike Rack Part

How can I go about 3D printing a part for a bike rack? Do I have to design it myself? Can I send one to some place and get a duplicate back in return? [more inside]
posted by odinsdream at 9:56 AM - 10 answers

Glass dip pens, how well do they work?

I am thinking of buying a glass dip pen but I have never seen one irl and have no idea how well they write. I have no experience with dip pens of any kind. [more inside]
posted by whitelotus at 6:52 AM - 9 answers

September 20

Can you turn a single speed bike into a 3-speed?

I am shocked at my lack of knowledge about bikes. Someone has a single speed Worksman bike for sale that fits my sudden need of a bike but I really need a 3 speed. Is it something that a bike shop could do for me?
posted by Foam Pants at 11:18 PM - 11 answers

Like Jumanji, but with fewer lions

I want to DIY a board/card game as a gift for my partner, based on a set of characters and world we have built together. I'm looking for already existing games to model off of or just reskin, rather than making a whole new game. [more inside]
posted by brook horse at 5:25 PM - 8 answers

September 19

Low-key outdoors experience in Portland/Rainier area

If you were starting the day in Rainier and ending up in Portland this Sunday, where would you go for an easy hike? [more inside]
posted by the primroses were over at 11:31 AM - 13 answers

September 18

Render unto me your papercraft recommendations

So I read the very interesting Irving Harper post and, looking at his papercraft stuff (especially the hanging sculptures) I thought, "I could do simpler, clumsier versions of that stuff and it would still look pretty neat". [more inside]
posted by Frowner at 7:06 AM - 7 answers

September 16

help me do my D&D homework

D&D 5e tomorrow, last session with these characters, and the DM has said that he's come up with a """"fun""""" and """""really challenging""""" final dungeon. I assume this means he is going to do his level best to murder us all. Help me come up with a legendary-level item to make him work for it. [more inside]
posted by joyceanmachine at 12:38 PM - 6 answers

Help my tween have a good time at her first school dance.

This is her first year of middle school in a new district. She's mostly nervous about dancing, so I've been looking for some beginner's tutorials she could be comfortable with, but they look either dated or too advanced. Can you point me to some current, cool, beginner's dance tutorial videos? Bonus: How do kids generally dress for casual dances? Does the dance theme matter for that? Any other tips? [more inside]
posted by Eolienne at 11:35 AM - 10 answers

getting back into DSLR phoograph!y

I got myself into digital photography in 2009, and I did it for a few years. I bought a DSL and two lenses, and used them happily for a few years (about till 2013). I'd like to get back into photography, but I'd like to upgrade to a better quality base camera. More info inside! [more inside]
posted by waylaid at 10:43 AM - 7 answers

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