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December 4

How to combine digital and physical memory items into a scrapbook?

I'm a low-key scrapbooker who has been stuck at 2005 because that was the year I started using a digital camera. [more inside]
posted by wannabecounselor at 5:39 PM - 10 answers

Jewellery tools - how much do you need to spend for something good?

So I asked a question recently about making jewellery. I would now like to ask how much of a difference there is between buying a cheap kit of four types of jewellery pliers (for about ten quid) and buying individual items. Is it worthwhile looking hard for the good quality ones, or will the ten quid variety pack suffice?
posted by sockpim at 1:43 PM - 6 answers

My sister is making patchwork quilts... what is a good gift?

My sister is colossally hard to buy for and Christmas is swiftly approaching. She is insanely busy at her job (that she doesn't like) and doesn't have much time for interests or hobbies that I am aware of. The only thing I know she has been doing and enjoying is making quilts. Help me turn this is to a great christmas present. [more inside]
posted by PuppetMcSockerson at 6:07 AM - 15 answers

December 3

Make me a knitwit!

I bought some beautiful yarn on a whim with the intention of re-learning how to knit. I did a bit of knitting as a kid - scarves, potholders and the like - and I still have the muscle memory, but I would like to learn how to make more complex items. The thought of plodding through another scarf as practice bores me to tears, mostly because I don't really want another scarf. I would like to start with wrist-warmers. Can you help me select a pattern and needles that would work with the yarn I have? [more inside]
posted by embrangled at 11:04 PM - 7 answers

Email based interactive fiction - what was it?

Trying to remember a piece of interactive fiction where you signed up using your email address and over several days you'd get emails from characters who worked at an imaginary company. I think you could reply to them using a certain format and that would change the way the story played out. I would have seen it around 2006 or 2007, and I don't think it was new then. [more inside]
posted by 23 at 10:49 PM - 2 answers

Maker noob - where on the web should a maker wannabe start?

I'm looking to dip my toe into fiddling with electronics, robotics and similar stuff and wanted to know if there's a place that is better for beginners than others. It's hard to tell without spending many days lurking on the many sites that turn up from a quick google search and I'd prefer to just seek your wisdom first before I go down that route. Thanks!
posted by HopStopDon'tShop at 7:08 AM - 15 answers

December 2

Looking for abandoned places in Western New York region.

I'm generally an explorer but I recently got into photography. As I was thinking about what I'd really like to take pictures of, I got extremely excited at the idea of locations humans no longer occupy. Abandoned towns, long dead-ended roads, tunnels, railroad stations, hospitals, prisons or anything else you can think of. I'm not afraid of a long drive for a good location to explore.
posted by mrflibble at 1:55 PM - 8 answers

How do I become a fight announcer?

I want to become a fight announcer, specifically for MMA and kickboxing. (I'd love to do boxing, too, but I think I'm more qualified for MMA and kickboxing.) Who do I talk to? Where do I go? [more inside]
posted by whydub at 7:41 AM - 2 answers

DVDs or books for my active but currently convalescent mid-70s father?

My formerly very outdoorsy and active Dad, who will soon be 75, broke his leg. The recovery threatens to be very boring for him, and I'd like to keep him entertained and also keep him from driving his new wife bonkers since he can't do projects. Ideas? [more inside]
posted by OneSmartMonkey at 12:16 AM - 9 answers

December 1

I want to build an arduino robot using the cheapest possible components.

The robot will consist of a mobile platform with various sensors attached, and a robotic arm. It will need to be capable of moving around a room and picking up small objects. I've been looking at kits like this on various Chinese websites but it is difficult to know if they are capable of supporting a robotic arm. Have you ever done anything like this? Can you reccomend a platform and an arm that will work well together?
posted by night_train at 12:06 PM - 4 answers

November 30

Pack my winter social calendar

Help me find groups to up my community involvement in the dark months of winter. [more inside]
posted by geegollygosh at 8:10 AM - 7 answers

Help a nightshift worker survive days off

My partner works 12am - 8am Mon-Fri. He sleeps roughly 11am to 7pm. We see each other in the evenings and that works for us. The problem -- there is nothing to do on Friday or Saturday night from 12am-8am on his "days" off. He has no interest in bars or pubs. There is a 24-hour grocery store and bagel shop in our medium-sized city, but that seems to be all. [more inside]
posted by Frenchy67 at 7:50 AM - 21 answers

November 26

Carpentry in miniature - what to do with a dollhouse?

For reasons I can't possibly explain, I have always wanted to build and decorate a dollhouse. The problem is that I don't actually want a dollhouse. What I'm trying to figure out is whether I could find a good home for one if I do this. [more inside]
posted by scrute at 8:28 AM - 21 answers

November 25

How to Play SimCity Really Without Any Goals?

Can I play SimCity really without any goals at all, or is there another game that is even more free-form than SimCity? [more inside]
posted by applesurf at 6:02 PM - 13 answers

Adding an end peg to an acoustic guitar

Where can I get an endpeg to put on a kit-built Martin guitar that currently has none? [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt at 12:29 PM - 5 answers

Puzzles with only "yes" or "no" questions

I'm not sure what these types of puzzles are called, but I want to build the canonical list of them. They are usually vague, open-ended descriptions of a situation, and the other players have to figure out what's going on. Players can only ask questions that can be answered by either "yes" or "no," they cannot ask anything else. [more inside]
posted by jbickers at 5:26 AM - 29 answers

November 24

Anyone fluent in Seven-Year-Old who can translate?

A seven-year-old has asked for "bumblebee drumsticks and cymbals" as a gift. No idea what this may mean and we can't ask for clarification. Any ideas?
posted by sourwookie at 7:37 PM - 18 answers

Needles, yarn ... ??

My wife wants to learn to knit. What do I buy? [more inside]
posted by ohsnapdragon at 11:21 AM - 33 answers

Learning to sew on a vintage sewing machine

This recent post about picking a sewing machine has inspired me: I followed advice similar to this answer and bought a newly reconditioned sturdy metal Singer 301A a couple of years ago. I acquired a buttonholer and zigzag attachment, as well as a box of other theoretically useful sewing feet (I will be able to sew ruffles just like in Dick and Jane readers!). [more inside]
posted by instamatic at 9:17 AM - 9 answers

November 22

Vacation in nature--without a car to get there?

I am taking a much-needed vacation in December before the holiday season. I would LOVE to get out of the city for a week and just wander around in nature, but I don't know where to start given the potential obstacles. I grew up going to Acadia National Park in I'm basically looking for the same thing somewhere warmer. [more inside]
posted by picardythird at 5:13 PM - 6 answers

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