What can be either red or orange?
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Looking for things which can be fully-saturated red or orange, where either color is about equally likely and unsurprising, and which are not flowers. It's okay if the thing can occur in other colors as well, as long as it is usually red or orange, or the red/orange versions are dominant and familiar. Also acceptable: things which can occur in colors intermediate between red and orange, or which can be simultaneously red and orange.

Good examples: tomatoes, newts, street signs, the moon at moonrise or moonset, fire, autumn leaves

Bad examples:
fire engines (can technically be any color someone wants to paint them, but orange would be unusual and not what people would generally think of),
apples (orange apples exist but are uncommon),
bricks (can be red or orange, but are usually duller, less saturated colors)
roses (are flowers)
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Bell peppers
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The Golden Gate Bridge? (Most people would call it red, but officially it's International Orange)
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Blood oranges
Yams/sweet potatoes
Flame bowerbird
American bittersweet berries
Gac fruit
Lipstick, nail polish, hair dye
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I'll add that I don't actually think newts are a good example. I assume you're thinking of red efts. Despite the name, I've never seen a red eft that looked anything but orange.
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Traffic lights.
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Flame skimmer.
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Sunrise, sunset.
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Nectarines and peaches.
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Le Creuset and similar cookware
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Salmon Berries.
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Scotch bonnet peppers
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Cars? Balls?
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Seconding garnets.
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Goldfish (the red breeds are sometimes called "comets")
Heirloom carrots
Peaches or nectarines (the skins)
Gummi bears
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Bell peppers.
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traffic cones
monarch butterflies
the interior flesh of citrus fruit
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Vermillion Flycatcher (more orange earlier in the season)
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The sandstone in Red Rock canyon
The bottom half of a tequila sunrise
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Post-it notes -- or stationary in general really
Canvas bags (like the reusable grocery kind)
Bicycle Helmets
Sports jerseys
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Tequila Sunrise :)
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Golf balls (for miniature golfing)
Christmas lights
Colored pencils or crayons
Any variety of candies (jolly ranchers, gummy bears)
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Amanita muscaria

waxy caps
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Cheetos come in both classic orange and orangey-red in the Flamin' Hot flavor.

In addition to all of the aforementioned fruits, how about persimmons? They generally range from orangey-red to reddish-orange.
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Lifejackets, PDF vests
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Also, ruby red grapefruits, like blood oranges, are simultaneously orange on the outside and red on the inside.
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