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Help my brother find a new apartment in Austin. Difficulty level: Now.
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So, my brother had a major fire in his apartment complex (fortunately for him it was on the other side of the building), and his building was condemned. He needs to move immediately. He's looking for a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in one of: Manor, Hyde Park, or North Campus. He's a grad student, so that's the sort of budget he's working with. Thanks for your help!
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craigslist tonight, talk to college to request assistance finding housing tomorrow.

Good luck!
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Red Cross should be able to help, with dough too!
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extended stay hotel for a couple weeks till he can find a sublet/apartment
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He should be able to move into a dorm. It won't optimal, but it will suffice until he can find a new place. Talk to UT Housing about an emergency option.
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The 'For Lease' signs have been up on Manor for ages now. They're all mostly owned by Roscoe Properties, might be worth it to give them a call. Generally, though, he's looking at some of the most expensive areas in town, might be easier to get a storage unit and rent a room in a shared house for a month or so, give him some time to find the right place.

Oh, and tell him to talk about this ALL the time to EVERYONE. My last two apartments were found through word of mouth.
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His school may also be able to provide him with a short-term loan, ask the Graduate School or Dean of Students or some other similar office that provides student services. For that matter, he should ask them if there is on-campus emergency housing as well, some schools have that type of thing too.

Oh, and tell him to talk about this ALL the time to EVERYONE.

That too.
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