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Wanted: software to tag words and phrases when studying a language
July 24, 2014 3:05 PM   Subscribe

I'm studying Japanese. I want to tag and track individual words and grammatical structures that I'm learning. What software will help me do this?

A big part of my Japanese study is reading children's books.

I'd like to be able to take each sentence and tag individual words with grammatical and conceptual categories - so for

どこへ いっちゃったのかと おもってたら、おじいさんは、もりの はずれの かしのきの ねっこの したあたりを ほってるんだって。

I could tag

どこへ as a question word/phrase
いっちゃったのかと おもってたら as a -と おもう phrase
いっちゃったのかと as a plain past -た verb form
つくるので as dictionary form and a ので phrase

and so on.

PLUS I'd like to tag each word with its meaning, part of speech, and maybe kanji.

I want to then be able to select entries using any of my tags, and see all the individual words that have that tag, along with the sentence it came from, so I can review and compare similar constructions that I've come across in my reading.

I thought about just using a simple database or spreadsheet, but the tagging aspect stumped me - I don't know how to get multiple autocomplete tags in something like LibreOffice Calc or Base.

Any suggestions?

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have you tried the iOS app called imi wa? it has a lot of functionality to make notes, it analyzes sentences on your clipboard, etc. it's really helpful - and free.
posted by nihonlove at 1:42 AM on July 25

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