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August 22

Learning Spanish at home as a couple.

My husband and I are learning Spanish at home. Best programs / work books / resources / etc for each of us individually and as a couple? We are open to paid options. [more inside]
posted by Crystalinne at 10:02 AM - 9 answers

Whelp now we're *those* parents

My daughter got a dud fourth grade teacher assignment we were notified about last week. We are pushing for re-assignment. Please offer advice as to how to do this effectively without any of those involved dealing with significant future awkwardness. [more inside]
posted by A Terrible Llama at 8:03 AM - 22 answers

Writing revision for language learning

I'd like to find a language teacher or service who will do what the now-shuttered site Lang-8 did: namely, let me submit journal-sized writings (say, a hundred or couple of hundred words) on a regular basis and have them corrected/revised. I'd rather pay someone with some experience than depend on dubious free/crowdsources services. Is this a thing? Any recommendations for how to find what I'm looking for? [more inside]
posted by Wolfdog at 7:07 AM - 2 answers

Help me get out of temping and into data analysis?

I want to switch careers. But are there really that many jobs in data analysis? [more inside]
posted by kalimac at 5:08 AM - 9 answers

August 21

Teaching an old dog... to type.

I need something to distract me for a while, so I decided to learn to type. Probably to go along with this is some basic grammar and spelling. My typing now is two fingers while I stare at the keyboard. Any good tutorial you'd suggest? I really hate voice writing, and I doubt we'll get to the "shoot a chip in his head to make him a perfect touch typist" level of tech any time soon
posted by Marky at 10:01 PM - 7 answers

I want to hear from people who didn't have a great experience at college

I really expected my college years to be the best years of my life, particularly since I like to consider myself an (ugh) "artsy", "intellectual" person. I have just a year left, and the reality has been... not great. I never found "my people" and found my courses mostly dull- a couple were good; none were life-changing. It kind of feels like there's something wrong with me! Any accounts I read of people having less-than-stellar experiences (as in the responses to this earlier thread) always end with "but eventually I found my niche and everyone in my wedding party was from my university." I'm not looking for advice as much as reassurance that I'm not totally alone in having had this experience, and that it will get better. So: what are your stories as academic-minded people who nevertheless just didn't fit at college? Did you ever find your community? How?
posted by perplexion at 7:14 PM - 58 answers

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now? How 'Bout Now?

The 17-year-old arrived at college (Bard College at Simon's Rock) on Saturday. He already wants to leave. [more inside]
posted by baseballpajamas at 12:04 PM - 67 answers

What cool toys should I buy for my 3 year old.

So we have this small human, and they are getting a little too old for the soft toys and blocks we've acquired thus far. Give me your recommendations for toys for a UK based small child. [more inside]
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 9:22 AM - 17 answers

August 20

Best platform for teaching music online?

I would like to be able to offer music lessons online to students outside of my geographic area (piano and vocal coaching), but have always been deterred because of a lack of simultaneous audio in both directions between myself and the student. [more inside]
posted by pianoboy at 6:36 PM - 3 answers

how can my young friend stay in college?

A close family friend is at college on a sports scholarship. This past spring he contracted Lyme disease and after months of neurological and physical struggles, he's been told he can't play sports for the foreseeable future. I'm looking for any and all options he may have. [more inside]
posted by aimeedee at 11:42 AM - 11 answers

August 19

Advise for older toddler starting daycare

Our littlest gnome will be starting day care for the first time at age 3. Most guides about the day care transition seem to be for 6 months to a year. Does anyone have experience with an older toddler going to day care for the first time?
posted by GnomePrime at 3:21 PM - 6 answers

How to give meaningful gifts to a thesis committee that saved my life?

My thesis committee for my creative writing MFA, made up of two fiction writers and a poet, saved my life last year. In the depths of depression, about to abandon school forever, they invited me to their homes, fed me dinner, talked with me late into the night, helped me finish my thesis and defense, and recommended me for future jobs in academia. Back on my feet and newly graduated, what in the world kind of gifts could I think to give to such learned scholars and wonderful people who truly went above and beyond for me? A thank you card doesn't seem like enough and none of them drink. Please help!
posted by anonymous at 12:00 AM - 13 answers

August 18

Appeal MTEL Teaching Licensure Test

Is it possible to appeal your test scores? I recently took the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure Exam for Foundations of Reading and failed by 1 point. I already signed up to retake the test, but do I have any other options such as king for a re-verification of score, appealing my test, etc.. I tried googling this and official MTEL and Pearson education websites are of no help. So turning to Mefi for some personal experience help.
posted by melizabeth at 4:25 PM - 2 answers

Academic affiliation in publishing a zombie paper

I have a PhD in social psychology but have not been involved in academia for almost a decade. A paper that I assisted with in grad school is being polished up for re-submission and now the question has come up about how to list my academic affiliation. Complicating factor: as a freelancer, I'm unaffiliated with anywhere when it comes to research. [more inside]
posted by Fuego at 11:55 AM - 5 answers

Ways to learn French without taking a class?

After having a French class at the local community college canceled twice due to low enrollment, that looks like a non-starter--what are some other ways I can work to learn French? I've already done Duolingo for a while and I'm pretty sick of it (and ready to move onto a more structured method.) Thanks!
posted by Automocar at 7:59 AM - 8 answers

August 17

Help me with a meaninful slogan for a middle school classroom.

For Reasons, staff at my school have been told that we must come up with a ritualized way to end each class before we dismiss kids- think a catchphrase like "return with honor," "be people of integrity" or "be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Help me come up with something. [more inside]
posted by charmedimsure at 2:11 PM - 73 answers

August 16

Art workbook after "Drawing on the Right Side"

In December I completed the book and workbook “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” I would like to find a similar workbook to take me another step forward. It was really useful to have a discrete workbook with a clear end that I could accomplish in a specific time period. I also quite liked how there was a variety of methods, media, and subjects. What structured, self-guided artistic guides do you recommend?
posted by rebent at 11:26 AM - 5 answers

August 14

B.S. Psychology grad here: Best route towards becoming a UX Researcher?

My background: B.S. in Psychology (with a Minor in Anthropology). Just graduated. I haven’t found a job yet (I graduated in May) and am wanting to become a User Experience Researcher. With zero experience in design or the tech industry, I’m wondering how to break into this field. I learn best through a structured in-person setting, where I can learn alongside others and have access to mentors. Should I get a Master’s in HCI, or should I take General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive course? [more inside]
posted by ggp88 at 3:39 PM - 12 answers

Is starting a new bachelors worth it in your thirties? Which one?

I recently switched jobs within my field and ended up working at a university. It offers employees a small tuition allowance. If you were in your mid-thirties pining for a higher paying career path, would you take advantage of this? If so, what degree would you get? [more inside]
posted by FakeFreyja at 2:52 PM - 19 answers

The only Korean I know is Bonchon :(

At the very least I would like to learn some conversational Korean so my boyfriend's family doesn't feel so isolated. But I don't know where to even start. Details to follow. [more inside]
posted by Fullofcrazy at 6:32 AM - 10 answers

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