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July 11

Thoughts on CIS major? (Computer Information Systems)
Is CIS a reliable major for future careers in NY? [more inside]
posted by chrono_rabbit at 9:17 AM - 5 answers

July 6

Tell me about the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.
I'm a lifelong devotee of musical theater, and in the last year or two I've been dabbling a little with writing my own lyrics and maybe kinda putting together a musical. (I've also been doing musical improv, which has helped tremendously.) I'm considering applying for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, but I don't know very much about the program beyond its famous alums. [more inside]
posted by Charity Garfein at 8:49 PM - 0 answers

What makes a physician's role fundamentally different from a nurse's?
I have to articulate my desire to become a physician, and I'm having trouble explicitly stating my motivations. I work in a hospital and have been shadowing doctors, so I know that they essentially use their understanding of medical science to make diagnoses and come up with a treatment plans. However, I'm curious to know how the "calling" differs between people who want to become physicians, and people who want to become RNs. [more inside]
posted by sunnychef88 at 1:13 PM - 15 answers

July 5

Philosophy class in French lycees
It is my understanding that French high school students take a year-long philosophy course in the last year of the lycee. So what's it like in this course, anyway? [more inside]
posted by the hot hot side of randy at 7:43 PM - 5 answers

July 4

Training for an unpopular profession
Thinking about what I would like to go back to school for and the thing that I find myself most passionate about is women's health. Specifically I would like to perform abortions in a safe manner for as many women as possible. [more inside]
posted by anonymous at 7:11 AM - 10 answers

July 3

How are the questions for major standardised examinations set?
I would like to know how the questions for major standardised examinations are set. What are some resources which I should be looking at? Could you recommend some articles or books or blogs which talk about how examination questions for a large-scale exam are written? (I prefer the written format, but if there is a particularly informative podcast or documentary I am also open to listening or watching it.) [more inside]
posted by 35minutes at 6:57 PM - 5 answers

July 2

Getting what you pay for regarding TESOL Certification
Would successful completion of this course be sufficient to find a job teaching English as a second language or is it more akin to a degree from an infamous shady on-line university?
posted by she's not there at 6:58 PM - 7 answers

Works that need to be translated into English?
Is there a way to find out what sorts of academic materials would benefit from an original or updated English translation? I'm sure that one way to figure this out would be to know your academic discipline well. Are there other ways of determining if there is a strong need in a particular discipline for additional translation work? [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix at 3:56 PM - 6 answers

July 1

How do I search Amazon's database for keywords in editorial reviews
I want to aggregate certain reviewers and their reading tastes that are posted on I only care about the professional "Editorial Reviews" and not the customer comments. So for example, if I want to read all the reviews attributed to say "Library Journal" or search out blurbs written by a certain author that blurbed a book, I can readily find it. [more inside]
posted by RapcityinBlue at 11:23 PM - 2 answers

An English speaker's Univision World Cup Primer?
I am watching the World Cup on Univision, and am excited to understand as much of the commentary as I do, but would love to understand more. Where can I find common words/phrases? [more inside]
posted by jermsplan at 10:12 AM - 8 answers

Learn Chemistry the fun way...via audio?
Is there a way to learn chemistry that is 1) fun/funny/in some way entertaining 2) via audio? [more inside]
posted by Calicatt at 9:42 AM - 5 answers

June 30

Neuroscience and steroids in Seattle?
Last night, thanks to Call in the Night, I had a fascinating conversation with a neuroscience student who studies steroids in Seattle. We talked for an hour and a half, but got cut off while they were mid-story. Help me find out the end of their story! [more inside]
posted by nímwunnan at 7:03 PM - 6 answers

June 29

Grad school decisions
I've been accepted into two MLIS programs. I need help deciding. [more inside]
posted by gorbweaver at 9:42 AM - 12 answers

June 28

My kingdom for an intern!
I need a grant writing intern for my non-profit. Possibly several. Do you know what universities have good green technology or permaculture degree tracks that would be a good place to start looking? (many snowflakes inside) [more inside]
posted by ananci at 9:05 PM - 16 answers

The deadline for re-admission is soon, but...
I still have absolutely no clue what I want to do. More inside. [more inside]
posted by Urban_Painter at 12:01 PM - 11 answers

June 27

academic library access for the independent academic?
I live in the West Midlands, home to a few good university libraries. Unfortunately, none of these libraries offer memberships to community members. My own alma mater, Birmingham City University, does not have an alumni library membership. It's very annoying. I would really like access to SagePub and T&F for journal articles. Can you recommend a university or college in the UK, Europe, or anywhere that offers remote access to their library's databases and where I could buy an annual membership?
posted by parmanparman at 7:52 PM - 15 answers

Child reading books in the summer
Hi, My 10 year old girl loves to read. When she gets started, she loves it, but it's the "getting her started" that I have a problem with. [more inside]
posted by lynnie-the-pooh at 9:36 AM - 33 answers

I need to write some incredibly tedious essays for work. I can't. Help.
I'm currently on a graduate training scheme, and whilst some of it's interesting, they keep making me write really horrible essays on 'professional practice', and I really can't cope with it. [more inside]
posted by Ned G at 8:39 AM - 15 answers

June 26

Masters degree for "Makers"
I need to take masters credit worthy classes, I already have a Masters degree so want to take a greater range of courses. What classes would you put in a Masters degree for someone as part of the "Maker" community? [more inside]
posted by dstopps at 6:40 PM - 9 answers

June 25

CollegeFilter: How is one to choose without regret?
At the age of 24, I just completed my first year of undergraduate studies at a good public university. I am a strong student with a 4.0 GPA, but I feel that my interests are so broad and varied that I don't know how to narrow down on a specific path of study. Compound these problems with the ubiquitous financial and career concerns of the modern college student, and you have one confused student. How can I resolve this inner turmoil and structure a long-term plan that will bring me (at least some) peace of mind? [more inside]
posted by fignewton at 12:44 PM - 33 answers

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