How to bring blueberry bushes back to life?
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I got a pair of blueberry bushes recently. They were potted and intended for ground planting, but I was unable to plant them. I was out of town for a week and a half and they went about that long with little or no water. When I returned, the leaves were brown and crispy and the soil was bone-dry. I put them in the ground and watered them copiously every day, but it's been a few days and they seem no better. Is there anything I can do to revive them, or am I out of luck?
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Give them a little more time and regular watering, maybe even throwing in a little acid loving type (azelia) fertilizer like miracle grow once or twice. If they don't perk up in a week or two then you're sunk.
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They are probably toast. Blueberries are notorious for being prone to die at the drop of a hat if left to dry out. Just be glad they weren't 4 years old and about to start producing lots of berries...
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I would cut them back till you find some green wood, even a tiny speck of green would do. Feed and water. You want the energy to go to the roots not to the leaves.

But as Mike said, they can be sensitive when left with no water.
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