Looking For A Study on Abusers and When They Show Their True Colors
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I read a study online somewhere that physically abusive men on average wait three years before escalating to physical violence. Does anyone know the study, and can you give me a link?

Two or three years ago I stumbled over a study, referenced on a U.K. web site about intimate partner violence, that found that physically abusive men tended to wait an average of three years before they actually physically abused their female partners. I'm trying to find that study, or another one that reports similar findings, even a web site that talks about it.

Best that I can recall:

* I found it on a U.K. web site somewhat similar to RAINN, in that it was written to help people seeking to exit abusive relationships.

* The study was conducted in the U.K. on a relatively small (perhaps a few hundred?) group of male abusers. No idea of the demographic make-up of the group studied.

I supposed that I should add that this is different from the "honeymoon period" in the classic Cycle of Violence. The way the web site presented the study's finding, the physical abuse happens after the abuser has managed to--for lack of a better term--separate his prey from the rest of the herd. The abuser has done things like pressure his girlfriend to spend less and less time with friends and family, used put-downs and insults to reduce her self-esteem, convinced her to work part-time or not at all in order to make her financially dependent on him, and so forth.

It was a interesting read, but one catastrophic hard drive failure later, I have no idea where I found it. If anyone knows of anything, I'd appreciate it!
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Not about this one in particular.. but the Women's Aid (UK) site has quite a lot of info.
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