What should we do in Edinburgh Monday morning?
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We've got until 1:45pm tomorrow in Edinburgh. I feel like we've hit most of the obvious sights. What else should we do?

So far, we've been to:
  • Edinburgh castle
  • Royal Mile
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • National Galleries (Mound and Modern)
  • Queens Gallery
  • Arthur's Seat
  • New Town
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Museum of Edinburgh
  • Mr Wood's Fossil Shop
What are we missing?
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Scott Monument? Entertaining not only for the views, but also the horrifying claustrophobia-inducing stairs near the top.
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Brew Lab on South College St is a pretty good coffee shop.

Go for a walk along the Royal Mile/Grassmarket/Cowgate area to see old Edinburgh, if dry.


Mary Kings Close may not be doable on your timescale but worth it if you can.

Royal College of Surgeons perhaps.
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Victoria St.

National Library of Scotland (I think people can walk in for a look around). Central Library across the road from that.
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Someone I know was just telling me they took a Harry Potter oriented tour in Edinburgh and the whole family said how much fun it was and how it let them see the city and the books in a new light. I think it was just a regular tour guide who was able to orient the tour around J.K. Rowling related stuff, it wasn't a specially-marketed HP-only tour.
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Morning coffee in the Elephant Cafe if you are interested in Harry Potter at all. Do some shopping around the area epo suggests, some nice specialist food and drink places there.
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Get a number 22 down to the shore and have a stroll up on to Leith Walk. This is a beautiful authentic side to Edinburgh, where there are less tourists and much more character.
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You could go and see the giant pandas (the only ones in the country!) in the zoo.
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We wound up with the Scott Monument, followed by a nice lunch at Mother of India Cafe, nicely timed between the downpours. Thanks, all!
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