Can I Eat It: Cooked Meat Edition
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Is it OK to eat carnitas that has been sitting out overnight?

I didn't clean the kitchen before bed last night and left out a ziploc baggie of un-shredded carnitas (so, basically roast pork). I bought it on Friday, used most of it in a recipe, and it was in the fridge between Friday night and Monday evening.

Because it's still in the plastic bag and not shredded, it's not dried out or anything. I'm more worried about food safety than taste, as I will know immediately if it doesn't taste good.

I am not that squeamish about food safety, which is why I throw it to you guys, the voices of hygienic reason.
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I've eaten exactly that, so yes, I would eat it. I'm assuming your kitchen is reasonably cool.
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I would not eat this. If it had been cooked Monday night and then left on the counter, I might have. But the 72 hours in the fridge would still have given the nasties a time to grow (however slowly) before sitting in the danger zone for 8-ish hours.

72 hours in the fridge is already pushing's recommendation for cooked pork (3-4 days)
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Other people will say no, but I fairly routinely do things like that.
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Anything to do with pork at room temperature for that long I would throw out.
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Upside some tasty carnitas, downside a couple days in the bathroom.
Oddsmakers say dump it.
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Do not do this.
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Pork? No.
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I've also done things like this and suffered no ill effect.
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I would totally eat it. People get paranoid about pork because of trichinosis, but that requires a specific combination of improper slaughtering and undercooking that is basically unheard of in developed countries in recent decades. I would not think twice about eating this.
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Properly made carnitas are basically confit'd - cooked in its own fat - and I have way less hesitation eating pork prepared this way than I would chicken cooked pretty much any way and left out overnight.
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I'd eat it. Especially if you shred it and recook it (I recommend tossing with sauce and throwing it under the broiler to crisp up a bit, regardless of whether it sat out overnight).
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Yersinia enterocolitica, enterococcus, staph, salmonella, and listeria, bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and the drug ractopamine: All found in pork in the US. What are you saving by taking this risk -- a few dollars? What do you lose if you bet wrong?
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I have a weak, sad stomach and I would eat this without hesitation unless it was really hot in my kitchen (this could be why I have a weak, sad stomach though, so maybe don't weigh my vote too heavily).
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Well, I'm eating it. It's delicious. Stay tuned.
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In an hour, 13 people responded:
6: Do not eat
6: I would eat it
1: I would eat it, but I have a weak, sad stomach so don't weigh my vote heavily

Which argument swayed you over to the "eat it" side?
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I wouldn't eat it.

Which argument swayed you over to the "eat it" side?

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My favorite recipe for jerky (though beef) involves leaving it raw, sitting out to dry for days. I'd be much more concerned about a warm starchy substance left out, such as rice or potatoes.
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I would have eaten it, too.
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I bought it on Friday, used most of it in a recipe, and it was in the fridge between Friday night and Monday evening.

Are you saying you bought the carnitas pre-made? What kind of packaging were they in? This increases the probable fridge time for a couple days to much longer. Did you heat the entire batch, or are the leftovers still essentially straight from the package? If they are, I'd be wary about them, but my tolerance for taste changes is lower than my stomach's tolerance for questionable food.
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I would have eaten it as well. Good on you!
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It's confit and if it was marinated in sour orange juice first it also has a lower than normal pH

Also no one has gotten trichinosis from a commercial pig in years.
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girl you in danger
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You can eat it. You did eat it. You'll be fine.
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My thought was the same as rtha and JPD - it's essentially confit. I would have totally eaten it.
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Come back and let us know if you're dead or not.
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I'm alive and feeling better than ever. Verdict: EAT IT.
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But seriously, in this situation I would ask myself what is at risk.

The worst thing to happen if I DON'T eat it is that I waste some yummy God, I like pork.

But, if I DO eat it, the most likely thing to happen is nothing with a mild case of food poisoning coming in a close second. The fact that carnitas is really heavily cooked makes me sure that any food poisoning would have to be introduced by a fly or other airborne thing and then would have to grow pretty fast to reach a nasty level. But, the worst thing that could happen is I spend the next three weeks in the hospital ICU having unspeakable things coming out of every orifice and I am moderately handicapped for the rest of my life.

Hey...up to you!
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yeah and I got strep throat that did the same thing to me - was in the hospital for a week, ICU for several days. At 37 and completely healthy.

And after a life time of eating food left out over night and all sorts of raw meats and seafood.

You can't live your life managing for tiny risks.
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