Where to get custom pendant or locket from jpg
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I have a beautiful silhouette of my son in jpg format that I want to print on a locket or pendant for Mothers' Day. Please recommend online options for getting this done.

I see that Zazzle will do a locket, but I'm not sure of the quality and not crazy about the star design on the front. Other than the star, though, that's more or less what I'm looking for.
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Someone on Etsy could do this fairly easily -- I took art metal in high school, and the processes involved in either piercing, etching or coloring metal (patina or otherwise) are pretty basic.
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Thanks, I'm seeing more options on Etsy than I did last time I searched. Using better search terms I guess. Any specific recommendations appreciated.
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I had one of these done for my wife of our son's footprints and was very happy with the result. I don't see why a silhouette would be all that different.

However their lead time is longer than now to mother's day, so even if they'll do it I doubt they'd be able to rush a job at this point - their bread and butter is pretty much mother's day fodder so I am sure they're well backed up.

But I enjoyed working with them and my wife loves the pendant.
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I recommend for custom cut-outs. They have all sorts of materials. I got some custom cut-outs and made them into jewelry for my wedding. They're worth a look.
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Do you want the silhouette engraved into the medal or just the print inserted into the locket?

A good, hand engraver could do that for you. Machine engraving isn't all that nice, but hand work can be really lovely. I'd ask a local jeweler who he uses for hand work.
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If you want it done by mother's day, I highly recommend thinking local. Either a 3D printer or laser cutter could do this, and it's likely someone close to you has one or both tools. I'd start with HacDC, which also has a CNC. And how sweet would it be to give something you had a hand in making? That sounds like a project that would take about 1 hour to complete, assuming coming to it with a minimum of knowledge. Someone with knowledge could get it done in far less time.
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Oh, I didn't even notice you were local! We have a lot of talented local jewelry artists here. You could find a random sampling at the outdoor markets and ask some about this project. Eastern Market wouldn't be a bad place to check, and the makeup of the folks there is different both Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately I don't think any of the people we met back when we were doing shows are still in the area, but I'll look and see if anyone in our contact list jumps out at me.
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