Been trying to find this song for a decade and a half...
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Trying to ID an old drum & bass tune I heard in the 90s. It's a long shot, but AskMe works wonders...

Here's what I remember about the track:

—I heard it in the late 90s on the east coast of the US.

—There's a prominent female vocal. The parts I remember most clearly are the lines "and I'm feeeelin' my potential...", followed a few lines later by "to be with you". The word "you" falls on the one, along with the first note of the main bass hook.

—It's possible that I have the lyrics mixed up a little bit.

—If I'm remembering the style correctly, it was a little jump-up, maybe a little bit jazzy.

Google turned up some drum & bass tracks that include the phrase "be with you" in the title, but they're all newer stuff.

Unfortunately, that's all I've got. Ring a bell for anyone?
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I think the lyrics are different, but your description reminds me of Goldie - Inner City Life
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Nope—that's not it. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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Actually his track You & Me is a better fit lyrically
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I'm 98% sure it's not Goldie. The track I'm thinking of was less arty/pianoey/open-and-sweeping than Goldie's stuff—more upbeat, straight-ahead dancefloor material, with more of a jump-up sound (though it might be a stretch to call it jump-up).
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Where did you hear it? Was it live, on a radio show, or a mixtape? Do you know who was playing it? That can provide more context. Also, when in the 1990s? That decade saw a lot of change in d'n'b, from its birth through serious stratification of styles by the end of the decade.
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It was live, at a club you've never heard of in Maryland. Kevin Yost was the DJ. It would have been '95 at the earliest; probably more like '97.
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(to be clear, you've never heard of the club because it was a comically low-rent affair in a no-name town that had no business having an EDM club, not because I'm Supreme D&B Hipster or anything)
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I feel like empath might know
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Just pinged 'im.
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Breakbeat Era?
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Hearing it at a show makes this a bit tougher, as it's pretty likely that the DJ could have been mixing the vocal stem from one track with a pure bassline from another.

My first guess was Foul Play - Being with You. It came out in '94 I think, was reasonably well known, and there were several decent remixes, maybe this one?.

I'll dig a little more and see if I can find anything else.
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Nope, not Breakbeat Era, unfortunately. Not Foul Play, either. The track was more energetic than that—a rinser, not a roller—and the vocal was girlier (for lack of a better term), less sparse, and higher in the mix.

I'm pretty sure the vocal was not from a different record. It meshed pretty tightly with the rest of the track, and the way the bassline (it was a monstrous, wall-of-bass bassline) landed on the word "you" seemed very much a deliberate part of the hook.

Appreciate all the effort so far! Hope the track ends up being as good as I remember it.
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Here is a bunch of dc/Baltimore area mix tapes from the 90s. Maybe it's in one of those.
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Also, there's a 100% chance this guy knows it and probably has posted it to his blog.
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Also, Kevin yost is on Facebook. You can ask him directly.
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It's not john b - up all night is it? It came out in 2001 tho.
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Nope, not John B.

I was able to determine that the club I remember hearing it at opened in 1997, so I would have heard it that year or later. Of course, the track itself could be older.

I'm emailing the guy. Fingers crossed.
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Kevin says he remembers the track, and that the sleeve was green, but he doesn't remember the artist / label / title.
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