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I found this photo on a blog a few months ago. I have been looking for a larger higher quality version and or the name of the photographer to find out if I can purchase a print. This is what I know. It is from West Side Story It appears a number of times on the internet, all small pixel sizes The photographer is NOT Ernest Hass or Phil Stern (the two photographers who were present taking photos at some stage on the production of Westside Story) Thanks, this one baffles me. When I have time I will go to the Motion Picture Academy Library (I live in Los Angeles) and see if I can find out anything more, but until then I thought I would let Mefi rip on it!)
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You can buy a large licensed version of it from mptv.
posted by gubo at 6:26 AM on December 11, 2013

Amazing, can I ask how you found this so quickly? I did a fair amount of work, but clearly my g-fu is WEAK!
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From the size I had a hunch it was copied from imdb, so I went to imdb's West Side Story page and found it among the photos there with a source.
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