Understated holiday cards
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I love shutterfly and tinyprints but this year I'm thinking I'd prefer to send a holiday card that is a little more understated or traditional--what do I do?

This year, I'm looking for either (1) a folded card with a photo inside that's affixed to the card with those four little perforations or (2) a folded card with just a loose photo inside.

Any recommendations for a reputable company? I'd also prefer one that's not terribly expensive (or if it is, perhaps there's a promo now--seems like a lot of places are offering promos this weekend). Or recommendations for a place where I can get non-denominational "happy holidays" folding cards where I can just put my own cards inside (if this would be more cost-effective than ordering ~120 preprinted from shutterfly)?

In sum, I'm looking for a cost-effective, understated, non-denominational happy holidays folding card from a reputable company. No preference as to whether I can personalize the message on the card. Thanks in advance!
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Is there any reason why a pack of holiday cards from any number of retailers wouldn't fit your needs? Like Walgreens/Hallmark/Macys/local stationery store?

I'm not trying to be snarky or anything, just trying to understand your needs.
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Yeah, I wasn't thinking through my question. I do want to personalize the preprinted message on the card, so store-bought is out. Also, many store bought ones don't appeal to me because they're too loud.

I also see that places like shutterfly offer options with no photos, but these still are too "loud" for what I'm looking for. I'd prefer more subtle. I realize it may be hard to find this at a good price point, though.
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I think Minted has really good quality cards. I don't know quite what you mean by understated, but I think some of the "minimalist" selections might suit your needs. They have a code for 15% off at the top of the page.
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Crane Stationery has nice options:
- Understated, non-religious, custom printing: Snowstar or Dove of Peace are nice.
- Made with a photo
- Boxed (not customized), understated, non-religious: Garland Star or Winter Woods (although that's a Christmas tree, so not quite non-religious but it is non-denominational)

Alternatively, I usually get M.D. Anderson cards (drawn by children battling cancer, with money going toward helping those kids). The simplicity comes from it being a child's drawing, not necessarily the colors used. Many of them tend toward "Seasons Greetings" on the inside instead of "Merry Christmas". You can't have them custom printed, but you can slide a photo inside. The back identifies them as cards drawn by kids at MD Anderson, so that people understand what they are. These are sold anywhere in Houston, but maybe outside Houston you have to order them?

(On further looking, you can have the MD Anderson cards printed with your photos.)
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Last year I used stock vintage images from Dover's website (www.doverpictura.com) and uploaded them and had them printed via shutterfly (actually probably Vistaprint, now that I think about it), and so ended up with a cool retro-looking card with a preprinted message on the inside in bulk. They'll print any image you submit (provided you have rights, of course) doesn't have to be an actual "photograph".

Or, check cardmakers on etsy. Pricey, though.
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