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I love when people put together "syllabi" as introductions to obscure or prolific artists or media, that specify the "proper" order a body of work should be introduced in order to get the best experience. This was inspired by this recent comment; a similar one I remember is here. The AV Club's Gateways to Geekery feature is also quite good. Please provide me with more of this type of guide!

I'm primarily interested in books, music and film/TV (genres, artists, etc.), but am also open to other subjects. (I also enjoyed Witold Gombrowicz's A Guide to Philosophy in Six Hours and Fifteen Minutes, for example.) I'm interested in both published guides like this and personal guides to people's pet interests.
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You might like the publisher Rough Guides.
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100 Fragrances Every Perfumista Should Try. Related and in-progress: Fragrances that Influenced Perfume History: 100 Great Perfumes.

Syllabus of 90s girlhood: 150 things to read, watch and listen to, so you don’t die of boredom this summer, according to Sassy Magazine, July 1990
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She doesn't go into great detail on each author, but for science fiction and fantasy authors (along with a few others), Jo Walton has an A to Z series of posts called "OK, where do I start with that?"
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