4 people, $150. What can we do in Sydney?
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Me and 3 friends just won $150 at a trivia night. What fun could 4 people have together with $150 in Sydney?
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Have you seen some of the recent deals on Spreets? They often have heavily discounted deals on fun things I might not otherwise have considered doing, like kayaking down the city river, fine dining at half price, whale watching, etc.
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Why don't you go around the city giving small gifts to people. You 4 can have a blast handing out $, meeting people and hearing their stories perhaps? Much more memorable than a dinner out, IMO.
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Seems to me that's what a night at the cinema costs these days, especially if you go 3D.

Taronga Zoo is also in that price range.
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I hope you haven't followed the advice at #2 in Sydney. That might get interesting and confrontational.

I suggest yum cha, since you have four people and a pretext. Take a weekend morning or even better, arrange yourselves a coordinated morning of leave, and go with one of the Dixon St or Haymarket yum cha restaurants.

Outside Haymarket I've had great yum cha in Skygarden in Castlereagh St, and huge cheap yum cha at Hung Cheung in Marrickville Road near the Town Hall.
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