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Wordpress themes for small business websites?
June 7, 2009 7:51 PM   Subscribe

What are some good Wordpress themes to build a small business website?

I'm looking for some clean, well-designed, and free, or very low cost Wordpress themes that will give me a good starting point to build some small business websites. I'm most interested in one or two column designs. I don't plan to use the blog feature.
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There are so many free themes out there it's difficult to make suggestions with no idea of your content, taste, etc. but here are a few collections:

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posted by ceri richard at 1:25 AM on June 8, 2009

I bookmarked Vigilance a while back (which I probably stymbled across in one of Ceri's omnibus links at some point, actually). Seemed decent enough as a starting point.

You might also be interested in a framework like Thematic.
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A Theme framework might be a good bet. Smashing Magazine lists a few. I've used Thesis (which I think works better for a standard blog), and Thematic. I really liked Thematic, and will probably use it on a few other projects soon. I'm also keen to try out the Hybrid Theme.

You could also buy one of the "all themes" packages from somewhere like StudioPress or iThemes.
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