Blu-Ray Menus - made simple[r]?
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I want to develop BD-J / Xlet / GEM menus suitable for Blu-Ray disks but it's confusing...

I want to develop Blu-Ray / BD-J / Xlet / GEM menus suitable for Blu-Ray disks but the Java API seems initially confusing, and not many websites agree on just how to implement a menu. Is there a GUI-based BD-J menu development tool I can buy for less than $5000 that will abstract away some of these woes?

This wikipedia article says there are Director-like packages that help author a menu, or even things that take in HTML and spit out GEM menus. But I haven't been able to find anything close to that - just Java APIs and classes and something called Xletview that will allow me to 'preview' a Blu-Ray menu. Am I really just not looking hard enough?
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