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January 19, 2012

No previously riced out cars please. I'm not going to buy your lowered Honda with "after market" exhaust

Best cheap used car to buy in Southern California for under 3500? [more inside]
posted by Arbac around Irvine, CA at 3:46 PM - 8 answers

November 27, 2011

Room service is room service, and I already know what the inside of a Marriott room looks like...

I'll be in Irvine for work this coming week and will have Tuesday and Wednesday evening to myself. Please help me not waste those two nights in my hotel room eating overpriced room service. [more inside]
posted by Lexica around Irvine, CA at 1:47 PM - 8 answers

August 5, 2010

Where should we live near Irvine CA?

My boyfriend will be attending grad school at UC Irvine in Irvine, CA. We'll be moving there soon and need to find a two-bedroom apartment (or tiny house) thats between Irvine and LA: 30-45 from his school, and not too far from the train station (I'll most likely be commuting to LA by train). Neither of us know much about the area, and we'd prefer not to live in an apartment that's mostly UCI undergrads. Please recommend towns in the area we should focus on as we begin our search. (Any other southern CA rental tips would be appreciated too. We're from the east coast and have never rented an apartment in CA.)
posted by anonymous around Irvine, CA at 10:28 AM - 11 answers

February 7, 2007

What to do while visiting Irvine?

I'm visiting family in Irvine, CA 2/15 - 2/22. Can you help me put together an itinerary of must-do / see things in the area? [more inside]
posted by indigo4963 around Irvine, CA at 9:09 AM - 22 answers