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July 7, 2016

Nepal trek weather in early September?

How likely/frequently/heavy is rain on a Langtang trek the second week of September? And are the views likely to be obscured by clouds/overcast? [more inside]
posted by night kitchen around Langtang, Nepal at 6:03 PM - 5 answers has best

September 13, 2015

Looking for a replacement for the Kathmandu Guest House

I just arrived in Kathmandu and am looking for a cheap room at a safe, cozy-ish guest house. [more inside]
posted by blueberry around Kathmandu, Nepal at 10:14 AM - 4 answers

April 25, 2015

Indian tourist visa from Nepal

I have been planning on heading to India soon, and was going to go through the visa process here in Bulgaria, but I have just found a deal on a multi-city flight, entering Nepal and returning to Bulgaria from New Delhi. Help me sort out my visa situation! [more inside]
posted by jpziller around Kathmandu, Nepal at 12:55 AM - 3 answers has best

October 30, 2014

Kathmandu in December

My wife and I are going to Nepal for the first half of December. A Nepalese friend of mine will be there so I can have a little bit of guidance, but I suspect he will be busy. We're experienced travelers, but this one is outside my bailiwick. I know that December is a few months from the peak HimEx, et al. foreigner crush, and not the most touristy time to be there. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do, see, eat, buy, say, or anything else useful AskMe might know.
posted by lkc around Kathmandu, Nepal at 2:15 AM - 4 answers

June 8, 2013

Trekking agency recommendations for Nepal.

I've planned a trip from Katmandu to Everest Base Camp, and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for touring/trekking companies. [more inside]
posted by graventy around Nepal at 7:36 PM - 1 answer

May 24, 2012

Im here to volunteer, not get in your pants.

Stuck in Nepal and need a volunteering job that doesn't suck! [more inside]
posted by phytage around Nepal at 12:04 PM - 6 answers

March 13, 2012

Finding god in the mountains

I want to go on a spiritual quest in central Asia, and my current best idea is one of the many advertised 20+ day guided treks to Tibet and/or Nepal. I have extensive day hike experience in the western US, and I've spent a few weeks working in Shanghai, but I otherwise have no backpacking or international travel experience. Looking for tour company recommendations and curious about the best time of year to go, in addition to anything else I should know about travel and trekking in the Himalayas. [more inside]
posted by liet around Nepal at 8:12 AM - 6 answers

November 14, 2009

What to do in Kathmandu?

Where to eat and what to do in Kathmandu? [more inside]
posted by pranalaxmi around Kathmandu, Nepal at 11:35 PM - 5 answers

September 19, 2009

Beyond Bodnath

I have 5 days coming up in Nepal. Looking for photoshoot opportunities on the beaten path and off in Kathmandu and beyond, Pokhara perhaps?
posted by Xurando around Nepal at 11:48 AM - 2 answers

December 17, 2007

Shipping home my luggage from Nepal.

I'm in Kathmandu, Nepal for the week, and I have a big, very heavy suitcase that I really don't want to drag around on the rest of my trip. Any advice on shipping it home to the USA?
posted by Hollow around Kathmandu, Nepal at 9:59 PM - 9 answers

March 7, 2007

Worth Traveling to Nepal for Only 6 or 7 Days?

Should I go to Nepal? [more inside]
posted by bronxteacher around Nepal at 7:06 PM - 13 answers has best