Im here to volunteer, not get in your pants.
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Stuck in Nepal and need a volunteering job that doesn't suck!

My best friend just got to Nepal yesterday after emailing for weeks with the manager of a conservation project. He made himself out to be a woman and what do you know he's some sleaze ball man. She wants out ASAP but needs something else to do volunteer wise in Nepal right away.
Has anyone volunteered in Nepal with a positive story? I told her I would do some research today and see if we could get her some place fun and laid back with a little less sleaze.
She just got done volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka. She would like to do something different but would not like to work with children. So teaching English is out.
I found a couple reputable places through NatGeo but they are scheduled for fall only. Nothing at this time.

Thanks so much everyone!!
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Volunteer opportunities in Nepal from
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Oh! I know just the place. Anything with Sarvodaya Nepal. Shisir Khanal is the contact; he goes back and forth between Wisconsin and Nepal. Here's the contact info in Kathmandu.

I guess their primary project is Jyotidaya School, but they probably have other stuff that needs doing if she doesn't want to work with kids. (I suppose there's "kids" and then there's, like, high schoolers.)

My dad works with Sarvodaya and has just (literally, like an hour ago) left for another trip to Sri Lanka.
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If Madamina's contact doesn't result in any leads, memail me. Friend worked three years there for an NGO, and has kept in touch with some colleagues and professionals at other organizations.
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helping the 'lost children of nepal.' read the book 'little princes' and based on this, seems like an awesome cause and an amazing experience. your friend would be helping in a children's home, or it looks like they have other opportunities too.
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Friends of mine run VFC Nepal, or Facebook based in Kathmandu, they're all young Nepalis in their 20's and run different projects in different parts of Nepal. You could drop by or give them a call to see if they can assist, or alternately they may be able to direct you to another organisation depending on your interests. I've known them all for over 5 years (I lived in Kathmandu for 4 years). Contact Aanand, or Aasha and they will help.
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