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Television repair question: My TV displays everything in fuzzy black and white, and the audio is just static. [MI]

The TV was bought new in January, and it was in storage (at college) for the summer. A DVD player is hooked up through an RF switch because the RCA inputs on the back of the TV don't seem to work. The VHF/UHF antenna is also hooked up through the RF switch right now, but the reception is no different when plugged directly into the TV. Both the antenna and DVD player work fine when connected to another TV, and there is no reason to think the RF switch is at fault because the reception doesn't improve when the antenna is plugged directly into the TV. The TV can display colors just fine, and does so in its on-screen menu and when showing a blue screen for a channel that doesn't come in.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Is it something related to the RCA inputs not working? Could the TV have been damaged somehow in storage (by moisture, perhaps)? Most importantly, can it be fixed? Thanks.
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It sounds like it's out of tune. Is there some kind of fine tuning control?

If I'm understanding the problem correctly I think you just need to tune the TV so that it picks up the signal from the DVD player (try that first - the DVD will broadcast its opening screen if it is switched on & you can tune into that) and from the antenna.

Also, check your input settings - you may be on an AV channel (or something similar) when you need to be on an RF (standard) one.

If the RCA inputs aren't working you should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty (12 months from purchase?)
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It sounds like it's out of tune. Is there some kind of fine tuning control?
Check your "setup" input; antenna, cable, auxiliary, ect…
You may need your remote for this function.
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