Texting Trouble
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There's only one person in the world that has trouble getting my text messages.

I routinely send and receive messages from all over the place, and so does he. We're both on AT&T; he has an iPhone, I have a Sony T616. He can send me texts just fine. The only problem either of us have is when I try to send one to him. There's no error reported, he just never gets it. Anybody have any idea how to troubleshoot? I called AT&T but just got passed around without any progress on the problem.
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Try actually dialing his number instead of using your contacts list.
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I recently had this when I got a new phone, trying to text a friend in the US (I'm in Australia). I had to deal with their call centre, but they fixed it in the end. It was something about them changing the settings on their end, so if you're having the same problem (for the same reason) then there's not much you can do on your own, apart from calling them.
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check your block lists. somehow a friend ended up on mine and I couldn't get his texts. If he has an iphone he may have accidentally added you when the phone was new and unfamiliar.
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Where are you both located? I was writing and sending text messages to a friend in the US (I'm in Canada) and my phone would indicate they were sent as normal but she'd never receive them. I had to add a 1 in front of her phone number and that fixed the problem.

(Strangely, I have many other friends in the US that do not require a 1 in front of the phone number to receive the messages, so this is either something with her carrier or just the combination of my cell provider and hers -- I don't know.)
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I've had that 1 thing happen, too. I also can't text anyone without the area code, even if they're in the same one as me.
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This happens to me too. I got it somewhat figured out on my phone, and it was indeed that I had people in my area code without the 1. When they texted me & I replied, it worked fine, but when I tried texting them without the 1 (there wasn't a 1 when it came in, though) it would fail. I've only noticed this problem with AT&T -> Verizon, but I also haven't really dug into it. The problem's happened with a number of people in my area code, no one outside.
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Try not hitting 'Reply' to his texts. Either type in his full number, or click his number fromy uor contacts. Either way, create a new text rather than replying to his.
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"from your" as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried the number with and without the initial 1; I've tried using the contact list and entering the number directly; I've tried replying and sending anew. Nothing seems to work. We are both in San Antonio, TX, both use AT&T.
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