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What to do in St Louis tomorrow?

Ok, I've been in Illinois all week, and now have friday to myself in St Louis. I'm probably going to be up and atom around 9. thinking zoo, but it might be raining, so maybe science museum. Should I consider any other sights? I'll have roughly a 5 hour window and would actually prefer to do something a bit more meaningful if it's a possibility. I have a car.

I've already convinced myself to skip the Arch. Seen it, think it's neat, but can't see any reason why I would possibly want to go inside it. Also went to St Louis Union Station tonight for dinner.
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The St. Louis Art Museum is nice.

The Budweiser Brewery tour is neat (and I say that as a beer snob who scoffs at the absurd notion of drinking Bud).

The Cardinals are playing a home game tomorrow (against the Braves).
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the cardinals game is too late for me, but I am in my hotel drinking Bud right now.. although it is taking alot of them to put to me to bed. (insert typical British/Canadian slight on US beer)
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If it's even remotely dry, or not specifically raining, go to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Holy shit is it neat. (of course, being a native, I'm biased.)

If I weren't, like, getting married this weekend I'd call for a meetup!
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fuck off! you're getting married this weekend! mate, that is huge! good luck, you won't need it, you're about to have the best day of your life.congrats! look me up if you ever come to Toronto.
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ask a visitors center about the trash museum or trash playground

it's basically a huge playground made out of recycled materials

it's really one of those thing you can only do while you're there...

if you get the opportunity DO it!

also, budweiser factory tour? I heard it was fun, but as a non-drinker...I wouldn't personally find it fun, friends found it fun though
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Missouri Botanical Gardens - one of the top botanical gardens in the entire world. It's an incredible place right in the middle of the city. They have a nice little restaurant there (Sassafras) if you want to grab lunch.

You should go to Ted Drewe's for frozen custard, too. Don't be discouraged if there are long lines outside; they work fast. Not far from the gardens.

The Laumeier Sculpture Park is a very unique place, too. So is the World Bird Sanctuary. Both are just off 44 a little bit west of the city.
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guptaxpn is talking about the City Museum. If you go to one place in St. Louis, go there. It's amazing. They're open late on Friday and Saturday nights, too, so you can enjoy the place without tons of screaming kids (it's awesome even with the screaming kids).
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Seconding City Museum! There's a giant whale you can climb around inside of and planes stuck to the outside of the building which you can also climb around inside of and a four-story-tall steampunk arena/dragon cave and.... and...
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Here are my STL recs, many of them already mentioned above.
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ok, city museum.
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Yeah, if you're still checking this, make sure to stop by Ted Drewes. User -t will agree - I swear he was going to soil himself with delight when he had it.
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xing city museum. awesome place! then pick a place on The Hill for dinner.
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nthing Ted Drewes. It's wonderful.

It might be a bit out of the way, but fulfill your donut energy at LaMar's (9614 Olive Blvd). Their sour cream glazed owns Tim Hortons (no apostrophe), and their coffee actually tastes of something.
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went to the City Museum.. I'm still gobsmacked. Never seen anything like that in my life. Amazing.

Then I went to the science museum.. not bad for free.. but that City Museum .. and the aquarium in there... simply amazing.

Thanks all.
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