Where can I find details of the latest UK "high-street" fashion for men?
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I'm having trouble finding websites showing what's hot in the high-street fashion world for "normal" men - not those 6'4", emaciated, androgynous models designers always hire to make their clothes look good. I'm 5'8", 85Kg, have fair skin, and a bit of a tummy. I know what kind of things to wear to make myself look slimmer but I don't know what the current trend is. I know it was layers last year, but that's about as much as I know. Are there any websites/blogs that follow the trends which I can bookmark/subscribe to and keep my style up-to-date?
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The Sartorialist?
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The Sartorialist! Granted, not every post will be relevant to you.
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The Sartorialist. Because you deserve to look good! (great blog)
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I dont understand what makes you think that the clothes who look sooo good on the male models will not fit you at all....is it no possible that you will at least look slightly bit better than what you have(by the way I think the guy from the sartorialist ALSO takes pictures for GQ...thats how he knows when people on the streets are nicely dressed)
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curbed; they typically take photos of gals/girls and allow people to vote on how they look. It's a good way to keep up with what's current in LA/NYC. The blog is heavily NYC focused (with an LA branch too) but since LA/NYC are the center of the universe, that is what you get.

Check out NY Magazine's fashion section. They do a good job when the fashion show hits showing pictures from various male runways.

From my earlier question about male fashion magazines, dig through the websites of GQ, Esquire, Details, the online catalogs for Barneys, Express, and whatever stores you like to shop in.

Also, watch What Not to Wear and keep tabs on what Clinton is wearing.
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Whatever you buy, make sure it fits. Take your shirts to a tailor and buy your pants a little snug.

Seriously though, losing 10-20 lbs would help a lot in your confidence and the way a lot of off-the-rack clothes fit. I'm a bit taller but have been close to your dimensions in the past, and I'm back down to that slimmer level again with the result as such. Losing weight is the cheapest way to feel and look better. :)

Buy less stuff of higher quality and classic design when in doubt. Can't go wrong.
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For the average male, men's fashion doesn't change much from year to year as long as you're not trying to dress like a 20-year old hipster. A crisp dress shirt with a well-paired tie looks as stylish today as it did 100 years ago. If you want to look a bit more stylish, modify your style to the seasons (linen in summer, wool in winter).

That said, here's some links:

Articles, advice, and shopping
Men's Flair
See Jack Shop
Style.com (GQ, Esquire, Details)

Style Slicker
Apparel Web - London
NY Magazine's Look Book
"In Her Eyes" at Men's Vogue
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Response by poster: "...as long as you're not trying to dress like a 20-year old hipster."

Ah, forgot to mention: I'm 25.

However, those those links are great - especially style-slicker. Even though its a little female-heavy, its just the sort of thing I'm looking for: real people who are fashionable. Some hints from a "fashion expert" wouldn't go a miss, such as "for the shorter guy, dark baggy jeans are in this season, and mix them up with purple or green shirts worn loose over white t-shirts." That sort of thing.

"losing 10-20 lbs would help a lot in your confidence and the way a lot of off-the-rack clothes fit."

I'm actually pretty comfortable with my few extra pounds. I exercise, I'm not obese, I simply have a stocky frame and an extra layer of fat. I could loose a few pounds, and I exercise regularly so I'm sure I'll reduce fat, but I'm actually looking to build muscle and bulk-up rather than slim down. The main problem is that when you hit websites like topman looking for what's currently hot you see a lot of tall, slim, and what could be described as ill-looking men. Great! But I'm short and stocky. Where's are the fashion hints for us?

"I dont understand what makes you think that the clothes who look sooo good on the male models will not fit you at all..."

Because I've tried them on! :)
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Short Shrifted is the fashion blog for shorter men. Great tips on style to watch out for, links to things you can buy, and occasional guides like this PDF of 55 necktie brands by length.

Off the Cuff is another great men's style tips blog.

I think the type of definitive tips you're looking for doesn't exist. The prevailing style these days is "find your own style." Check out these 3 styles in DETAILS' Fall Fashion section to see what I mean - each one couldn't be more different. Trends like "layers" always stays in fashion because it's a simple principle that combinations of colors, patterns, and textures always looks more sophisticated for any style. And short men can pull off any style, they just have to be more conscious of fit and length.

I recommend browsing through the blogs you like, check out blogs that those blogs follow, and save photos you like to a folder or image catalog program like Picasa or iPhoto. After you have enough photos, your personal taste and style should start becoming apparent. Use those photos to train your eye. When I started out, I referred to my photo collection every morning but now after a few months, I just grab a few items and thrown them on without thinking very much.
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For what it's worth, a good, well-worn pair of bluejeans and a crisp white shirt should be compulsory items in every man's wardrobe. Make sure you have those.
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