How can I make Microsoft Word print a complete document wirelessly?
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Why are we getting incomplete printouts when attempting to print wirelessly from a laptop?

I have a Laserjet L7680 connected to my wireless router so that my wife can print wirelessly from her laptop, and I also so I can print from mine.

Oddly, though, when she attempts to print from Microsoft Word (2007), only parts of the printout are completed.

I can print fine from my MacBook Pro, and from my Dell desktop, and she can print from Firefox and from Notepad, it seems, but now MS Word 2007 is misbehaving, and it's driving me batty.

I have the network set up via the Network Magic Pro software (which greatly simplified the process), and there does not appear to be any problem with the network. As I said, this seems to be a problem linked to MS Word (I have the full Office 2007 suite), and though there are workarounds (ie. don't use Word!), I'd much rather get my money's worth with that expensive piece of software!!

I have looked at the printer settings within Word, but do not see anything that would cause this problem. Also, sometimes the printout will contain 10 lines of the document, other times 2 lines, other times nothing at all.

The ink heads are fine, and everything prints perfectly from the desktop.

She uninstalled Office and reinstalled it tonight, to no avail. She has printed from Word in the recent past with no problem, btw.

Help! I am baffled... please give me some clues on what to look for!
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Does this happen across all documents or just one document in particular?
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One quick idea: go to Word Options -> Advanced, scroll down to print, and see if "Print in background" is turned on. If so, try turning that off and printing.
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Best answer: Problem solved..

As I lay in bed last night, I recalled that I noticed the Windows Firewall had been turned off on my desktop PC, so I switched it on...

I came downstairs, turned it off, and asked my wife to re-send the file for printing, and it worked beautifully.

So, in conclusion... Windows Vista's firewall, made by Microsoft, kept a Microsoft Word document from printing. But not completely. Just partially.

Makes no sense to me, but now things work, so that's all that matters!
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