What's the Deal With "Pro Evo: Pro Evolution, Guide for an Age of Joy"?
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got a book in the mail. Pro Evo: Pro Evolution, Guideline for an Age of Joy by Tomotom Stiftung. anyone else get this thing? i didn't ask for it, and have no idea why it was sent to me. i was thinking about reading enough of it to see if i ought to be worried that it was sent to me (given my profession, anything that even looks a little suspicious can be bad news) but i didn't want to waste my time on a print version of TimeCube if i can avoid it. can anyone out there give me more info on what this is, and why it may have been sent to me?
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The ISBN is, apparently, 3952251909. Amazon page. The listed publisher doesn't seem to have any kind of web presence.

Others have received them "mysteriously" and "unsolicited". It appears to be some kind of religious/pseudo-religious book that's being sent out just to get people to read it and think about what it says.
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the web site is here. there's a kind-of review here.

it's creationist by the looks of things.
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reklaw's link suggests it's a political, not religious, work, supporting the development of a meritocracy as the direction society needs to head.
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Hey, good for you then! -- You must be one of the elect!
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sorry, i jumped to conclusions on the creationist front.

not sure this works when cut+pasted, but if so, it's a translation of the book's site.
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On what merit would I ever be elected? My desire to see cops summarily execute those caught red-handed, for about the next six months, just as a convenient way to get everyone to start taking the law seriously? My confidence that if we had less interference in our lives and greater personal responsibility for the consequences of our actions, we'd see people start behaving more intelligently and acting kinder to one another? Or that I promise that, if I am elected, sitcom television will be a tightly regulated industry such that it is genuinely original, funny and occasionally insightful, lest the producers lose their heads for not doing their best?

Also, I'll make sure our water is correctly spinning. That's important, you know.
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What is the profession of the original poster? Law enforcement?
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Double naught spy.
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His web page suggests Bio grad student.
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yep. anything that resembles animal research = be very, very afraid if you get something unsolicited in the mail. thanks for the info, folks.
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