Engraved moleskines?
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So it's almost time for me to get a new moleskine, but I wanted the cover engraved and I see engraveyourbook.com has stopped doing business. Are there any other places I can engraved moleskines?

I know modofly.net, but I can't get one single custom moleskine and they apparently will be phasing them out by the end of the year. According to this Modofly blogpost, they were told by the guys at engraveyourbook.com that the covers have PVC and you need a filter (that's why Engrave stopped) so I that rules out for the most part taking it some place to get one engraved.

Are there any other places I can get them? (custom or not) It seems most things I find with Google are just articles about the two previous mentioned ones. If for any reason it matters I'm wanting one of the pocket sketchbooks. Also I want this to be relatively cheap and not some outrageous price. Thanks!
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Etsy search for engraved moleskine.

If there's not one you like, you can post a custom request in the alchemy section.
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And in looking over that link, they're all from modofly! So, maybe not.
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i met the engraveyourbook guy today. it didn't seem like he was going out of business.
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I could do it. I've got access to a laser engraver. I've done moleskines. I could probably do it for free if you took care of shipping. I'll send you some results of my previous experiments. Send me a metafilter mail if you're interested.

Or try:
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Best answer: Try this place :
Journal Engraver
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Response by poster: Journal Engraver is about twice as much as engraveyourbook was. I don't live in New York so adafruit is out of the option. If engrave will be back soon I will probably wait for that since I'm not all the way through with this one yet.
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Response by poster: Thought I'd post an update for anyone who finds this on the search. I was looking through this again today and I found this at the engraveyourtech website (parent site of engraveyourjournal) This was posted 9 days after this question. Apparently they ARE no longer engraving journals. Just thought I'd share this.
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Another update, for those who might find this page via search : engraveyourbook.com is back.

Now, they offer a leather slipcover that goes over your moleskine. Not sure how long they've been "back in action", but I just noticed it this morning and thought I'd pass it along
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