Incompatible hard disk interfaces
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My laptop died and I'm trying to get stuff off the HD by slaving it into one of my desktop machines. The problem is the pin pattern is a smaller form factor. The drive is a Hitachi DK23EA interface ATA-5 (Enhanced IDE). Both of the machines I’ve tried have ATA-100 drives. I’ve removed the quick connect connector from the laptop drive to expose the pins. The pin pattern is the same as the connectors in the desk top but are a smaller footprint. (both narrower and shorter) Do I need some kind of jumper connector or cable, or am I trying to do something that for some unknown rule can’t be done?
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I bought a cheap 2.5" USB enclosure on ebay for occasions such as that.. The alternative is a laptop-IDE to desktop-IDE converter, which is a bit more of a pain in the ass to use and probably has less future utility - but it might be better if youd desktop machine doesn't have USB2.

I use my old drive in my enclosure as a nice portable backup/storage device now.
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Yes, you need a 3.5" to 2.5" IDE connector, usually sold bundled with a mounting kit --to mount 2.5" drives (laptop drives) into 3.5" bays in desktop PCs. Usually the whole thing can be had for $10 or less. Worth the purchase, if you use laptops a lot.
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Thanks, now I know what to look for and relieved it's already been invented. Hope this is the only time I will need it.
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