How to turn East Village apartment into speakeasy joint
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How to turn East Village apartment into 'speakeasy joint' for dinner parties

I have a very small East Village apartment with one room where the bedroom / kitchen / living room are all in one space. The idea of having dinner parties came up amongst friends, and I want to deck the place out so it harkens back to an old 1920s speakeasy so more people will come over. Is there an easy way to do this? I have bare white walls, a bed, HDTV, and other small things (rugs, loveseat). Is it even possible to do this? What suggestions do you have? Anything is appreciated.
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What a wonderful Idea! I think you should find a photo and recreate it as close as possible ( First, find the 'bar' spot (the kitchen?), dim the lights and do candles/mood lighting, find some great jazz, serve cocktails in teacups, and organize the furniture so people can 'cluster' - put linens on your kitchen table to make it more of a dining table, cluster the seats in your living room (so people can have 'small, privatish' conversations).

Lastly, if you're goin' for the gold, I say have people dress to the 20s.

I hope you have great fun!
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Have you ever been to The Back Room in the LES? It's exactly what you are talking about if you want to visit to get ideas.
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Get a record player. I think it would add that little something.
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That’s brilliant! I agree with anitanita dark lighting, jazz music, maybe even a password one has to say at the door. Also try not to take it too serious no one wants to go to a party where you’re ‘forced’ to have fun.
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Don't forget to require a password for entrance; you don't want any of Ness's undercover guys getting in!

(Yes, I know he was in Chicago, but you get my point.)
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Do you have a bathtub? Can you fill it with your 'bootleg'?
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thanks for the suggestions. Record players and passwords are a perfect start!
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