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I am working with a laptop with one of those buttons that can enable or disable the wireless functionality. It seems that this button needs to be pressed each time that the computer is turned on, and doesn't just automatically remain on through reboots.

The problem is this button will only work if it's pressed by a user with admin rights on XP and the owner is an old gentleman who needs to run Windows from within the confines of a limited user's rights. If he has admin rights the computer is filled with malware within a day. So my question is how can I temporarily elevate a limited user for 30seconds or so to allow him to press this button and for the button to have an effect, or how can I make this button obey his finger regardless of his XP user rights?

Thanks so much!
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An alternative solution could be to run as admin, but set up Internet Explorer (or any other web-facing app) to run with reduced rights. This can be done by creating shortcuts with dropmyrights.
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If the wireless controller is built in, check the BIOS for a default setting. It might be that it's set to default to off for some reason. I've seen some laptops that come that way, presumably for security.
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If not the BIOS, this functionality is probably provided via a utility installed by the laptop maker, separate from the OS. Check the system tray, as this sort of behavior can usually be configured to the user's liking (ie. disabled). It would help to know the make/model of laptop too.
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