Weight Lifter Musical Instrument Stand
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Searching for Weight Lifter Music Instrument Stand

There's a stand for heavy musical instruments (e.g., tuba) called the Weight Lifter. Unfortunately, it's a needle in the haystack of thousands of Google hits on lifting weights. Can someone with better Google Fu give me a site?
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Robert James Products
1320 Grand Ave
Ste. #19
P.O. Box 2514
San Marcos,CA 92069 USA
Email: jchris6413@aol.com
Tel: (800) 345-8923
Fax: (619) 744-4620
Weight Lifter Stand
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Haha I found the same thing in about 30 seconds ;)
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I received the following e-mail in answer to my query:

"Greetings from New Mexico. I heard from Mr. James' wife that he was taken
quite ill last year. She didn't go into details but did remove his ad from
the TUBA Journal and said that no more stands would be made in the near

Hope that helps.


Jim Shearer
TUBA Journal"
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I can't tell from the name if it's a horn rest (to use while playing) or a stand (to hold the horn when not playing). For a horn rest, the Tubassist may be what you want. For a stand, both K&M and Jupiter make decent ones (as seen here).
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